13 Reasons Why You Should Start Lifting Weights

Let me ask you this…

What do you do at the gym? Do you stick to the cardio machines, maybe stretch, or “do some abs”? Are you intimidated by the free weights section or just maybe assume it isn’t for you?

Allow me to broaden your horizons.

1. Lifting weights is not a man’s hobby.

Do you have muscles? You do?! USE THEM. 

2. If you are afraid of looking masculine…stop right there.

You are a female. Your body is going to look feminine and strong. Unless you are taking massive amounts of steroids (not necessary) you don’t need to worry about bulking too much. Which brings me to my next point…

3. Once you start routinely lifting, you won’t want to stop. 

This process is meant to be scaffolded. You are going to love seeing yourself go heavier and heavier and be impressed when your muscles start showing. Looking “toned” will be a laugh to you because flexing makes you happy and confident!

5. You can buy more gym clothes and not feel guilty.

Because hell-you are going almost everyday! Outwear the leggings. These bad boys aren’t just lounge clothes anymore.

6. The rest of your clothes will fit better.

I am wearing things I thought I would never pull out of the closet again. Your confidence rises as you begin the process. Your endorphins are higher! Of course you will feel amazing.

7. Fat Loss

I lost more weight since I began lifting than I ever did before.

The amount of crap you are burning through will amaze you. Trust the process. Cardio is still an important factor in weight loss, but less effective alone.

8. Stress Reduction

There is almost nothing to the feeling of going to the gym with your headphones in, blasting the tune-feels of the day and getting a lift in. Tune out the rest of the world. Sweat, blood, tears baby.

9. Noticeable health benefits

I no longer get winded walking up stairs. In general I have more energy and I have a more positive outlook on life. Other health impairments I had have gone away or reduced, and I know I am reducing my risk for diabetes and heart problems.

10. There is so much VARIETY

Shoulders? Back? Chest? You can make your lifting schedule how you want it. If you have weak points, do them more often. Find the groove that works for you. Change up your exercises for that day, there are literally endless youtube videos* of exercises. *hint: please only reference professionals to avoid injury


Welcome to the world of an increased metabolism. Your body will take a few weeks to adjust, but soon you will be able to eat three rolls of sushi and not feel like you ate 20 minutes later. Keep in mind we all need cheat meals, but make sure the majority of the food is still healthy. (Not to mentioned the protein shakes are delicious)

12. The pride

Honestly you rock. You are now a gym rat. You can walk around the weight section as the only girl surrounded by 30 guys. And you don’t give a flying fuck because you’re doing your own thing. After a year I finally tore the calluses on my palms doing barbell shrugs. And it was AWESOME.

13. Lifestyle Change

After a period of time (it’s different for everyone), the gym isn’t a chore anymore. It is actually the time in the day that you need to get by. It is that 1-2 hours that allow you to work on yourself. So be selfish, be proud, be strong. 

You’ll be glad you did.

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