13 Tinder Profile Pictures That I Will Definitely Always Swipe Left

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Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps for young people looking for hook-ups, love or just friends. However, it’s pretty hard to determine which of those three things that a particular person is looking for. 

Whatever you’re looking for, it is important to get your Tinder swiping skills down to a science, and the biggest component of that science is probably the profile picture. 

Here is 13 profile pictures that you should never swipe right. 

1.Guys with pretty girls. 

Umm…hello…this one is pretty obvious. If you have so many pretty girls surrounding you for pictures, why would you need me in your life? Go hook-up with one of them. And please don’t tell me the story about how that is your friend that is “like a sister”. Bullshit. 

2.Stupid SnapChat filters.

I’ve got no problem with the occasional dog ears, or even butterfly crown, but the SnapChat filter that disorientates your face…come on. I can tell whether or not you have the face of a serial killer under the dog nose, but when your face is blown up into a balloon or your nose is on your forehead, my serial killer radar is stumped.

3.Objects or animals.

Well, I’m pretty sure that I am not out to seek a hook-up with a dog, cat or football, so NEXT. Come back through my feed when you learn to take a selfie.

4.Also, trucks.

I like big trucks as much as the next girl, but I really would rather see the person in the driver’s seat. Your truck may be sexy but what about you?

5.Middle Finger selfie.

Ok, what the f*ck. You don’t have enough knowledge to even make a good first impression? You obviously don’t have respect for anyone…and I will not hook-up, date or be friends with an asshole. 

6.Half -face selfie

What exactly are you hiding? Do you have a birthmark shaped like a penis on your forehead? Do you only have one eye? A second nose? 

7.Photos with kids. 

Sorry, but if I was ready to have a family, I wouldn’t be on Tinder. I don’t care if it is your niece, nephew or neighbors’ cousins’ sisters’ kid. It’s cute…but not really my thing.

8.Sunglasses selfie.

Again…do you only have one eye? Are your eyes some type of freaky color? I get it…you have Oakleys’, but if you aren’t planning on wearing those 24/7, 365 days a year, take them off. 

9.”Throwing up” gang signs.

I don’t want to be caught up in some type of drug war between the West and East side of the railroad tracks…so no thank you. Have fun in prison. 

10.”Faceless” pictures.

You have a really great back…I guess? But I’d rather see your front so I can make sure you’re not the Headless Horseman or something equally disturbing and not hook-up material. 

11.Long distance photos.

To hook-up, date or be friends, I am assuming I will have to see you within 50 feet…so please come closer to the camera so I can see if I even want to be within 50 feet of you. 

12.Large group photos.

So are you hiding in a group of people because you’re the ugly friend on the left? 

13.Dark selfies. 

I can’t see in the dark, so use your flash or turn on a light. Unless your Batman? Too bad I am a Superman fan. 

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