17 Signs You're Not Just a Woman, But a Queen

There are special women out there who are queens.

Behind every queen is a journey filled with failures, struggles, and challenges. At the end of that journey is success, respect, and ambition.

Any woman can earn her crown. If you look around you, you’ll find you’re actually surrounded by queens (maybe yourself included)!

1. Queens are the women who are told that they can’t and refuse to accept that. If they listened to anyone who told them no, they’d get nowhere.

2. Queens refuse to waste time on anything that wastes their time, whether it be their personal or professional life. Energy is best left to relationships and things that promote growth and positivity, not negativity.

3. Queens are women who work hard to earn everything they have in their lives. They don’t get handed anything and they certainly wouldn’t take anything from anyone else.

4. Queens are women who have strong moral compasses with values that they live their lives by every single day.

5. Queens are women who don’t care about the ignorant opinions of others. They know that as long as they have love and respect for themselves, then no one else matters.

6. Queens are women who are bold and fearless risk takers, taking on the world head on. These women can’t be deterred from chasing their dreams, no matter which direction that may be.

7. Queens are women who love fiercely. These women put their heart and soul into everything and everyone, never holding back.

8. Queens are women who are open-minded and respectful towards others. They understand that everyone has a life and a story, and they won’t judge or disrespect anyone for it.

9. Queens are women who would never put others down for any reason. These women are uplifting, empowering, and loving, gaining pleasure from others succeeding rather than failing.

10. Queens are woman who have faced every obstacle with perseverance, determination, and ambition.

11. Queens accept failures with stride and grace, knowing that this wasn’t her path.

12. Queens are women who are independent. They don’t need anyone in their lives to be complete and successful.

13. Queens are teachers and guides, showing the world that anyone can be unstoppable when determination and strength come together.

14. Queens are pioneers who take life, give it all they have, and reach new heights every chance they get.

15. Queens are women who uphold honesty to the highest regard, always being true to themselves and to others. Lies don’t promote growth, only honesty can.

16. Queens show gratitude every single day for everything in their life. These women recognise that everything and everyone in their life is a gift.

17. Queens work every single day towards earning their title, understanding that without wisdom, strength, values, and determination, they can be stripped of their regal status.