17 Words of Wisdom I Wish I Was Told as a Teenager

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1. Stop Drinking So Much

Find your limit, stick to it, protect yourself and your liver.

2. Take Lots of Selfies

Ignore the people telling you to stop. Save them and don't delete them no matter how bad you think you look. In 5 years you will look back and laugh at how cool you thought you were. 

3. You Are Pretty Enough

Seriously. You are beautiful. Drop dead gorgeous. Just make sure you are as pretty on the inside as you are on the outside.

4. Your Friends Love You

Don't push them away, they want to be there for you.

5. He's Not That Cute

Don't lose yourself while having a crush, no boy is worth it. 

6. Don't Kiss That Boy 

Actually, do. Kiss cute boys, ugly boys, funny boys, dorky boys, pretty girls, ugly girls, dogs, cats, whatever. You'll love those memories one day.

7. Your Parents Opinions Matter

You're significant other, your friends, your school work, your future. Your parents have opinions about every part of your life, listen to them. Take their opinions into consideration, but ultimately you make your own choices.

8. Go Visit Your Grandparents

They will be gone before you know it. Take them to lunch and spend the day with them, you will remember those days more than you think.

9. Watch The News Sometimes

The world is bigger than you, check on it. 

10. Apply For Every Scholarship

Seriously, college is expensive. Like stupid expensive. Every little bit helps.

11. Start Putting Away Money

$5, $10, or $20, it doesn't matter but make a plan and stick to it.

12. Self Love is Important

Damn it is not always easy but try anyway.

13. Therapy is Very Wonderful

Therapy is nothing to be ashamed of. Friends are great, sure, but someone not connected to you at all giving you real advice? It really helps, take a chance and give it a try.

14. Don't Hold in Anger

Oh boy. I can't express this enough. Find an outlet. Running, boxing, drawing, writing, whatever, just find an outlet for when life gets to be too much. 

15. It Will Get Better

Please please please hold on. The world sucks so bad sometimes but baby you can't even imagine the amazing things that could happen to you if you just let yourself get better.

16. Drunk Sex Isn't Love

Drunk (safe) sex is amazing, but don't expect your Friday night drunk hookup to love you on Monday morning.

17. Pills Won't Stop Pain

I wish I knew this then. Pain pills don't heal a broken heart, trust me. Put the pills down and walk away. Razors too.  

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