25 Best Things About Christmas

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Seriously it is, if you love Christmas time. There are so many things that happen around this time of year which make it so magical. From the trees, to the snow, to the food, there are endless great things about this time of the year. But let’s be honest there are really only 25 best things about Christmas, and the holiday season to get you excited.

1. Christmas Trees. Seriously there is nothing more exciting than picking out your tree, or pulling it out from the basement and decorating it. Once you finish then you just get to admire it the next several weeks, who has a better view than that?

2. Snow. Sure it might not always be a white Christmas, but there is always the chance for snow, and there is always that glow to everything when it does.

3. Eggnog. Eggnog is good, but spiked eggnog is the best.

4. Time with friends and family. Or friends who became family. That’s what this time of year is all about right?

5. Stockings. These are great, unless you get coal. Then that’s pretty terrible, unless you were terrible.

6. Presents. The holidays aren’t about presents, but we all love to get them. How can someone not look forward to unwrapping gifts and being surprised?

7. Christmas Parties. There are so many parties during this season, everyone wants an excuse to be under mistletoe, drink spiked eggnog, and spread holiday cheer.

8. Christmas movies. Who doesn’t love to watch Christmas movies? Maybe even with your friends, or significant other?

9. Vacation Time. Okay this is probably the best thing about the season, but let’s be honest, we all love that time off, and away from doing work.

10. Christmas Lights. Walking around, driving around, just seeing all those beautiful lights, it is one of the most breathtaking views of the season. Especially when there is snow.

11. Hot Chocolate. Who doesn’t love hot cocoa this time of year?

12. Ice Skating. Do you see any sad faces skating around in the rink? No. That’s because people love to skate this time of the year.

13. Mistletoe. Who really needs a reason to kiss? But tis the season, so sneak in a few extra of those kisses.

14. Snowmen. Okay so this makes us all feel like a little kid again, but seriously who ever has a bad time building a snowman?

15. Sledding/Skiing/Snowboarding. Wherever you are in the country, you can do one of those, even on a sand dune. Who can’t smile when doing one of those during Christmas time?

16. Christmas music. Jingle Bells, Rocking Around the Christmas Tree, Let it Snow. The list goes on and on, but we all can’t help to sing along or hum with those songs.

17. Baking Christmas Cookies. Or buying them when you can’t bake. What better way to feel like Christmas time than to bake fresh holiday cookies, and maybe eat them all?

18. Time to give. Sure Christmas time is all of the things above, but it is also a time to give, give gifts, donate food, or to the Salvation Army Santas at the store. It makes us all feel good that we are helping someone else in need during the holiday season.

19. Holiday Cheer. Sure this might sound like a catchy line from Elf, but the entire season does bring that extra bounce into your step, makes you smile more, be happier.

20. Home-made meals. Or going to someone’s house who cooked the home-made meal. What better way to be in the holiday season than eating all those amazing dishes around the ones you love the most?

21. Finally putting the fireplace to use. It’s not like you can use it during the summer, so this is even more of a reason to love the holiday season.

22. Gingerbread Houses. Or what is supposed to be one, because not all the time does it look like a house, or decorated by an adult. They still taste delicious, and look gorgeous though.

23. No college classes. Let’s face it this is probably the favorite part of college, before graduation.

24. Pies Galore. And leftover pies. Yum!

25. Feeling like a kid on Christmas morning. You never grow out of the way that Christmas morning makes you feel, and you get to feel this every year the same time each year.

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