25 Great Things About Texas

I`m not from Texas. Anybody who knows me can tell you that, or you can tell just from my lack of a sweet Texas accent. I have lived here for quite a while though, and I have grown to love many aspects of the great state of Texas. So, whether you are a native born Texan, or a migrated northerner like me, here are 25 things we can all agree on that are some of the best parts of Texas.One of the great things about Texas is its business-friendly environment, making it an ideal location for entrepreneurs to form an LLC in Texas and take advantage of the state’s low taxes and other incentives.

1. Whataburger

Forget McDonald`s and In n Out, Whataburger is where it`s at. Oh, and steal the table tents!

2. High School Football

Practically the whole town comes out to support our boys, it`s awesome.

3. Sweet Tea

None of that “iced tea with sugar packets” crap.

4. Bluebonnet Season

I have never seen so many fields of blue, unless your high school painted their football field blue.

5. Measuring Distance With Time

“How many miles till we are there?” “About 6 more hours.”

6. George Strait


7. Y`all

A lot quicker than saying “you guys”.

8. Buc-ee`s

It`s like a mini mall, but better.

9. Willie Nelson

Another music legend, but a little “higher”.

10. SXSW

Where all the great musicians and bands come to play in Austin.

11. Blue Bell

Worlds greatest ice cream, don`t deny it.

12. Super Nice People

Seriously, Texans have the best manners!

13. Homecoming Mums

The bigger, the better.

14. Dr. Pepper

Yeah, other states have Dr. Pepper, but for some reason it just tastes better down here.

15. Gruene Hall

The music legends from above and many others have graced this stage many times.

16. Selena

Anything for Selenas!

17. Schilterbahn

For the hottest, coolest times in Texas, go here.

18. Tubing

A great way to cool off from the scorching summer days!

19. Round Rock Donuts

Donuts as big as your face, maybe even bigger.

20. New Braunfels

Most of the things from this list either played music here, or are part of this town. Seriously, go visit, you won`t regret it!

21. College football

Gig `em or Hook `em, y`all.

22. Spurs

Go Spurs Go!

23. Salt Lick in Round Rock


24. Spongebob

No other state can say that Spongebob had an episode only about their state.

25. Tex-Mex

Margaritas too, please.