25 Sure Signs He's Definitely Not 'the One' for You

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Deep down, you want to meet that special person, one who completes you, who’s everything you’re not and balances you out. We all do.

You believe you’ll know immediately when you meet this person or feel some kind of sparks. You see their face, their eyes meet yours, and it’s a moment of instant recognition. Your soul wants their soul. It’s a romantic dream come true. You found your twin flame, your unicorn, your soulmate.

But life gets in the way. Our desperate desire to fall for someone and find our forever love can easily cloud our judgment. We start making excuses for bad behavior and ignoring red flags. 

Don't ignore all the signs that he's not 'the one' just because you're afraid to be alone…

  1. You think he's your ‘better half,' because he makes you feel like less than amazing.

  2. You think he's perfect. People aren’t perfect. Spend more time with them and see.

  3. You guys are immature together. this isn't cute, it results in the relationship being so as well.

  4. You don’t have real, in-depth conversations with him. When you try to, you guys fight.

  5. You either barely talk to him or only talk to him.

  6. You feel no “oomph” — aka passion — between you two. FYI, it's not normal for that feeling to fade so fast.

  7. Your whole relationship has been hot and cold from the start.

  8. You don’t feel 100% sure about them. And they don’t feel 100% sure about you.

  9. He has a certain way of making you feel small.

  10. You lie to each other, constantly.

  11. You don’t trust or respect each other, completely.

  12. He always says something that just turns you off.

  13. You’re not attracted to him like you used to be.

  14. You guys never seem to know how to kiss each other just right.

  15. You two are locked in an endless battle of trying to change each other.

  16. You don't always feel like you can be yourself around him.

  17. He makes you cringe with the disrespectful stuff he says about women.

  18. It's hard to picture what your future with him will be like.

  19. Arguing and annoying each other happens more often than not.

  20. It feels like you're trapped in an endless routine with them.

  21. His family doesn’t like you, or your family doesn’t like him. Listen to your family. They often see what you don’t.

  22. They are emotionally or physically harmful.

  23. He's always making you do things you aren’t ready for or don’t want to do.

  24. You're torn between staying with him or finding someone else.

  25. It just always feels like something is missing.

Maybe you will just ‘know.’ Maybe not. Maybe you have a gut feeling. Maybe it's wrong. But don’t fret if you’re in a relationship and answered yes to any of these. Relationships can change in the blink of an eye if you're both willing to put in work.

If not, there are plenty of other guys who would treat you the way you deserve in a second, don't ever let him make you think that he's the only one who would ever want you.

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