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25 Things Great Guys Do That Girls Absolutely Love

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Alright gentleman I’m going to let you in on a little secret, girls aren’t as hard to please as you think. So men grab a pen and paper and take notes or take a screenshot to remember this when you’re struggling.

It’s not always the presents or the flowers, (though we like those from time to time) but it’s the smaller more personal things you do that we absolutely love.

1. Good morning texts– It lets us know when you wake up that we’re on your mind.

2.  Holding our hand randomly– There’s just something when my hand fits perfectly in yours.

3. Running your fingers through our hair– There’s just something about it that calms you down every time.

4. Letting us choose what movie to watch– It’s subtle but we enjoy it time to time.

5. Letting us drive– I know this doesn’t happen very often but it does show you trust us.

6. Letting us pay– We appreciate everything you do for us but it feels nice to treat you sometimes.

7. When you dance with us– Especially the slow songs, we enjoy getting close to you.

8. When you offer up your coat– You know I’m always cold and I never leave the house prepared.

9. When you call us beautiful– The second you say it, it’s hard not to believe it because of how you look at me.

10. Never letting us go to bed angry– Even when I’m so mad at you, you remind me that we can’t go to sleep angry at one another.

11. The way you think you’re not romantic but then you say something super sweet– Please keep doing it even if you don’t realize you’re doing it.

12. When you call us “your girl???– We know we are independent but it still brings a smile to our faces.

13. When you introduce us to other girls as your girlfriend– It doesn’t mean we’re jealous and don’t trust you but we love the fact you want others to know you’re off the market.

14. When you put your phone down and focus on us– We know you chat with the guys and there are fantasy leagues to watch and sports to keep up with but it’s nice you’re willing to detach for awhile.

15. When you say, “I love you???- *smiles* *heart melts*

16. When you make future plans– Silently we’re ecstatic that you see this as something long term.

17. When you take selfies with us– We get it, you hate photos but the fact that you indulge in them for our sake is so sweet.

18. Back rubs– They feel great.

19. When you grab our chins right before you kiss us– *swoons*

20. Hang out with our friends– You don’t only attend events but you also enjoy yourself and have started to make them your friends as well.

21. When you listen– Sometimes we just need someone to listen to us ramble on without interrupting.

22. For being a shoulder to cry on– Even when I’m crying and you don’t have any idea of what to do, just being there is enough.

23. For being open and honest– Relationships can be tough, life can be tough but when you’re willing to talk about everything it makes us feel safe.

24. For going through life with us– Life is an adventure and we couldn’t think of anyone better to enjoy it with.

25. For being our best friend– It’s possible we can annoy you, drive you crazy but we love you like crazy and you’re the best friend we could ever ask for.

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