25 Ways You Can Have a Better Love Life Than Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift's love life is a bit all over the place. She has dated more guys than most of us will date in our lifetime, however, she has yet to find the "one." From British celebs like Joe Alwyn and Harry Styles to dreamy American actors like Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Lautner, Taylor Swift has dated all across the map and still can't seem to land a keeper. So as much as you might think you're lacking in the love department, there are ways to have a better love life than Taylor Swift.  

While Taylor Swift’s love life history is extensive, to say the least, going guy to guy can be exhausting and take a real toll on your heart. Finding happiness and maintaining a good reputation when it comes to your love life is as frustrating as pushing the 'pull' door. 

1. Keep your love life on the low and out of other people’s mouths.

2. When you break up with someone, don't write a song about them.

3. And definitely, don’t write a song for every failed relationship like Taylor Swift did with her 12 men…

4. Keep it classy don't bash an ex on social media either. 

5. As easy as it is to feel jealous, don’t allow yourself to succumb to it in your love life.

6. Find who you are deep inside. You can't find a lover if you don't know who you are.

7. The one thing you must do before you can find true love: love yourself. 

8. Walk around with a killer confidence like Kanye West’s (even if you don’t always feel like it).

9. Make sure to doll yourself up every now and then. As Taylor Swift says on the reg, "you're gorgeous."

10. Then get rid of all of life's distractions. You can't focus on your love life while you're going through a million other things. 

11. Like Taylor Swift's ex-boyfriend, Zac Efron once said, you gotta "getcha head in the game."

12. Focus on settling down, not which guy to date next. 

13. And take it day by day, quit moving too fast with guys. 

14. Its okay to take things slow, as long as you’re not stringing him along. 

15. Break bad habits, like keeping your heart too guarded or not saying how you feel.

16. Kiss your commitment issues goodbye. Don't start dating unless you're ready for the roller coaster of a ride. 

17. And when you do feel ready, don't flaunt a new guy every month like Taylor Swift.

18. And the only time to say "Look What You Made Me Do" is when you are showing him your red cheeks from smiling too hard. 

19. Write him love notes, they’re a lot simpler and they won’t come back and bite you.

20. And even when you feel like giving up, remember Taylor Swift's album reviews for Reputation might not be the best, but that’s never stopped her from trying to find her one so you shouldn’t either. 

21. And if you find someone who’s very successful, don't allow yourself to be intimidated by it.

22. Try and build your success together. Be creative and try to grow yourselves collectively. 

23. Let everything that’s happened since Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris’ breakup be a learning experience for your love life and learn from her mistakes. 

24. And if there is drama surrounding your relationship, clear the air. Don't let there be outside sources ruining your love life. 

25. But above all else, always remember that you don't HAVE to be in a relationship. It's okay to be alone and take the time you need.  

All in all, don't become a serial dater like her. Taylor Swift has dated everyone (and maybe cheated on them with their cousins), but unfortunately, none have turned out to be the fairytale which has left her love life a disaster. 

Breakaway from Taylor Swift's bad habits and start doing everything Taylor Swift isn't, to find the love of your life. He is out there somewhere just waiting for your paths to cross, so get out there and go find him.

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