26 Reasons I'd Choose Coffee Over a Bae Any Day

Coffee aka the love of my life. It is surely better than any guy I've ever been with. 

Guys come with extra baggage, coffee comes with extra delight. I don't know about you, but I know which one I'm picking.

1. Coffee is life’s only constant 

2. It won’t turn into a lying asshole after 6 months

3. And it will be where ever you want it to be

4. Like in your car

5. Your living room

6. Not in your best friends bed  

7. Lol coffee doesn’t cheat  

8. And it doesn’t have an ego that needs to be stroked 

9. It won’t get pissed at you for wanting it to be stronger

10. Or mad at you when you say it’s too weak

11. And it will definitely last longer than 3 minutes

12. Coffee really knows how to please a girl  

13. With no need to return the favor 

14. You can have it whenever you want

15. Where ever you want

16. Then go days without it

17. No strings attached

18. And there’s no saying how many coffees you can have in the span of a week

19. Want 10? Have 10.  

20. Who’s counting? 

21. Coffee doesn’t catch feelings 

22. Or insult you with a ‘come chill’ text in the middle of the night

23. It’s just there for you no matter what

24. Through thick and thin

25. Dark roast and light roast 

26. Coffee will always be your #1

The hell with men, drink coffee. 

Embrace it, sip it, love it, don't get cheated on. Thank me later. 

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