26 Things All Fast Food Workers Can Relate To

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  1. When you put every bit of effort into being kind and patient with a rude customer
    Some customers will just be plain rude. No matter what you say or do to them. You could have their food out in two minutes, but their mood will remain sour

  2. Calling over the manager so they can tell the customer the same thing you just said.
    When a customer does not believe what you, a crew member says, so they ask for a ‘higher up’ employee just to be told the same disappointing news.

  3. The pepsi vs. coke customers
    “No ma’am. I’m very sorry; we have Pepsi products.”
    “Cancel the order then.”

  4. Those customers that take 5+ minutes to order.
    “Can I get….. A umm…. Okay… Just give me a minute here. I need to look at the menu…”

  5. “Can I get one soft taco?”

  6. Smelling like the deep-fryer
    No matter how many showers you take, or how many times you wash your uniform, the scent of grease and deep fryer follows you everywhere. It somehow seeps into your skin.

  7. The customer is not always right
    “No, sir… The price for that is $5.99. The television was promoting the corporate price. We are a franchise. We never put A1 sauce on that burger. I’m sorry.
  8. Having co-workers that are literally your best friends
    We all have the co-workers we can dance around the kitchen with. The ones who listen to all our juicy gossip and are always there to lean on, when times and customers get tough.

  9. And also the arch nemesis co-workers.
    The co-worker we all want to strangle. Yes, we all know the one.

  10. When a customer adds food at the window
    Customers do not get the concept of “Speed with Service” while also expecting their $57 order out within 64 seconds. There are so many things going on in the kitchen; not to mention if someone calls off.

  11. The customer that asks you to throw stuff away for them
    When a customer asks you to empty all of the trash in their car into your trash can. They hand you sixteen cups, a bag of trash and four small children.

  12.  Working the drive-thru in the winter or the pouring rain
    Hypothermia is everyone’s dream, right?!

  13.  Hanging out with a work friend in real life.
    Going out for lunch or just lending a hand to a co-worker is one of the most awkward/best feelings in the world. Knowing someone in the crappy job is in your corner makes the heart happy.

  14.  When customers blame the cashier for a mistake with their order
    “Sir, I apologize for teleporting my clone to the kitchen to make your food. I will keep her in line better next time. I’m supremely sorry.”

  15. The customers that don’t understand portion size
    The ones that ask you to remake their salad that has no meat in it, when you put the standard amount in it. Remaking it the exact same way and seeing the disappointment on their faces.

  16.  Having to tell a customer no
    “I can’t break that $100 bill because we just opened .4 seconds ago and I don’t have 97.83 in my drawer; I’m sorry.”

  17. When the store runs out of a product
    “We’re out of lettuce– no there isn’t any in the walk in.. The whole store is having a lettuce shortage. Oh, two twelve packs of tacos… Great.”

  18. When limited edition items are discontinued.
    “I know you just bought this item yesterday, but that was the last day of the promotion. I’m sorry. I can do this for you though.”

  19. When everyone wants the “Homie Hookup”
    Yes, the kid who sits four seats behind you in math class feels entitled, and you have to let him know you aren’t that close. You aren’t risking your job for him.

  20.  The customers you can’t hear in the Drive-thru
    Whether it be the soft-spoken or the loud engine customers, they both end in a fed up beckoning to the first window.

  21. Getting paid to go to the restroom
    Sometimes, you ask to go to restroom to get a break, and you question whether the job is worth the stress, and you give yourself a peptalk in the mirror, and wash your hands with your own tears

  22. The ugly hunks of leather you wear on your feet
    Losing every bit of your dignity with the nonslip shoes that eventually getting eaten by the grease on the ground and become optimal for slip-n-slides.

  23. “Can I get the number 7, but no drink..” 
    Oh, so you don’t want the number seven. You just want the burger.

  24. Being called in by the only manager you like
    Feeling bad when you have to say no, or saying yes just because you can’t let them down.

  25. The lobby being filled, and drive-thru being out to the road
    Feeling more emotional and mental stress than humanly possible while cranking out orders faster than you thought possible. And don’t even think about that restroom break.

  26. Your regular customers
    You know every Paul, Fred, and Karen that come in, and possibly their orders to. They restore your faith in humans.

  27. Knowing that at the end of the day, your job may suck, but the paycheck and friendships make up for it, at least a little bit.
    Because there is no one else you’d rather endure all the suck with, and it helps provide for your needs. 

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