26 Thoughts You Have When You Go to Michaels

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 Michaels. Also known as "the craft heaven". I love going to Michaels, I mean, I seriously have an obsession. Whenever I say I'm going in to run in for 10 minutes to buy one item, it ends up being an hour and a half and I come out with a grocery cart full of items,( and I forget what I came for in the first place). But, honestly I can't help it! There's so much stuff to look at and it puts me in such a creative mood I stop thinking go into "artsy person" mode and then there is no stopping me.  I know I'm probably not the only person that feels this way, so here are 25  thoughts  everyone has  when they go to Michaels .

1."OK, I am here to buy wood glue! One thing and one thing only!"

I should be in and out in 10 minutes 

 2. "It smells like cinnamon in here"!

2. "Look at all these cute seasonal items!"

"A sign that says "welcome to our patch!" Oh my gosh, I need it!"

3. "Make your own bouncy balls! Um, yes, I'm buying this.

4. "I should buy and paint a birdhouse."

5."I need to buy bunch of neon colored t-shirts!"

They're 3 for $ 5 how can you pass on that?


7. "My shopping cart is getting pretty full, maybe I should pace myself."

"Hey, look! Stickers!"

8. "Why am I here again? What did I need to get?"

"Oh that's right, I need wood glue."

9.  This planner is so cute! I should buy it"

I already have 3 of them  at home, but who cares? 

10. *gasps* " There are so many classroom decorations! I want to decorate a classroom!:

Whenever I come across this aisle, I have to physically stop myself from buying number magnets, or name tags . Let's just say that when I finally do have my own classroom it is going to be SO Pinterest worthy, (or it could look like a Box of Crayola crayons exploded we'll have to see. )

11. Are those  Sparkly bulletin board liners? I should  totally get them!"

They will look amazing in my own classroom ( I almost  bought these the other day, and forced myself to put them back. I have a serious  problem.)

13. "Look at the scrapbook section. Scrapbooking should be new hobby!"

*gets $50 worth of paper and stickers*

14. "I saw a video on Facebook where you hand-stitch your own blanket, I want to try that!"

I'll probably get tangled into the yarn, but who cares?  It'll look so cool!

15. " I told myself I'd be out in 15 and it's been an hour…. I should probably head to the check out!"

16. "Hey, look the dollar section!"

17. " I really need to get out of this store. The items in my cart are starting to spill out."

18. " But first I have to look at the items in this aisle."

19. "Wait, I forgot to grab the wood glue."

20. "Oh look, more sparkly things!"

21. "I really have to get out of here, like now."

22. " I'm finally on line. No turning back now."

23. " A cup that says "Rosé all day"? I am so getting this!"

24. "They said next! That's me"

25" Holy crap, that's how much I spent?"

Thank God for 20% off coupons!

26. "Crap, I forgot the wood glue."

I'll just have to come back tomorrow!

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