27 Things You'll Only Relate to If You "Literally Can't Stop Eating"

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Loving food this hard ain’t easy. We’d do just about anything for a good burger and fries and if it disappoints you bet all hell is about to break loose. We don’t need a boyfriend or a “forever love,” food completed us, it fills our souls and our stomachs. 

Now, pass the chips and queso. 

  1. You sometimes realize you haven’t breathed because you were eating so fast

  2. Plans sound 100% better if they involve food 

  3. If anyone can’t decide what to have for dinner, they call you for recommendations

  4. Walking into a story and seeing food samples makes your day

  5. You even ask your friend to go back and grab you seconds 

  6. You plan trips around where the locals go for the best food

  7. You want to own everything for cooking

  8. Like those gorgeous nonstick copper frying pans

  9. And matching serving bowls 

  10. but you don’t cook

  11. To say you get ‘hangry’ is an understatement

  12. You get extreme food cravings and feel like you might die if you don’t get them

  13. You name your food babies Sir Jelly Beans, Doctor Stuffed, oh and Susan 

  14. One time you spilled your Chipotle and your friends put you on suicide watch

  15. Your shirts are riddled with stains… and drenched in your tears from lost food

  16. Thanksgiving is your shit

  17. When you take a bath, you bring snacks.

  18. You consider eating the food that isn’t yours in the office fridge

  19. Being late doesn’t matter when you haven’t eaten

  20. Your fridge is fully stocked

  21. And you always, always, always buy extra… just in case

  22. Ranch goes on everything

  23. Meal prepping has become a hobby

  24. But so has going to McDonald’s a few times a week

  25. You’re always up for trying new food

  26. You make an appearance at the County Fair just for the fried food

  27. Actually, you and fried food are just bffs

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