30 Signs You Were A Fairy Princess In Your Last Life

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Ever watch a Disney princess movie and think "Oh yeah, I'm about that life."?

Fairy Princesses are the most special kind of princesses. With naturally beautiful faces, great hair, powers and an endless supply of glitter, fairy princesses are dreamy creatures.

Maybe you've always had an inkling that in another life you were rocking a tiara and flying around in a tutu. Well, Here are some clues it's all true:

1. You love glitter.

2. You like dressing up for no reason. 

3. Sometimes you wish you had magic powers when you forget to turn the light off, but already got in bed.

4. You're petite.

5. You always kind of sided with Tinkerbell in Peter Pan even though you knew you shouldn't have. Wendy seemed a little entitled and she probably wasn't as innocent as she seemed.

6. People have used the word magical to describe you.

7. You're imaginative, but you suspect your just drawing from your past experiences of flying around, ruling the forest and solving murders? Fairy Princesses have many duties.

8. You just never really grew out of pink. Pink everything. Pink walls, pink eyeshadow, pink hair!

9. You view Halloween as a chance to reveal your true self: glitter, tulle and all.

10. You hate exercise, you're used to flying around places. You must have really pissed off a wizard to be cursed to a life of walking.

11. You're not as scared of heights as you should be.

12. You wish wearing a tiara was a casual fashion trend. 

13. Glitter cupcakes are a thing: You either knew about them and are obsessed; or are about to google them. They're in Vegas and probably other places. I'm sure you made them all the time in your past life. 

14. You don't laugh, you giggle.

15. You talk to animals as if they will talk back, it's ok because in your past life, they used to.

16. When someone says princess you say "Yes?" automatically. 

17. When you were picked last in gym class you wished you could stick one of your troll minions on the mean witches, I mean girls.

18. You think Thumbelina is an underrated classic movie.

19. When you get a new dress, You have to twirl in it. 

20. You like lavender baths and sometimes you wear flower crowns while taking them.

21. You think messy hair is beautiful and whimsical.

22. When you walk by flowers, you pick start picking them and placing them in your hair. 

23. Dresses and skirts over pants always.

24. You don't sweat, you glisten.

25. You have a heart of gold.

26. The little girl's section of Target is the best section…

27. How come it's ok for them to dress up for no reason?

28. You own a fake wand.

29. You have a certain season that you love over the rest. Winter means you were an ice princess fairy, spring means woodland flower fairy and so on and so forth.

30. Too much should never be followed by glitter, sparkles or sequins.

Now you have all the proof you need to live your most sparkle-tastic, cotton candy fantasy life. You deserve it, after all, once a fairy princess, always a fairy princess.

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