32 Annoying Habits You Deal With because You Love Him

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Plenty of girls have their own annoying habits that their boyfriends wish they'd stop, but I'm sure there are more things that get on our nerves. 

Boyfriends, we love you no matter what, but there are moments we really just shake our heads at you and say "are you kidding me?". 

These are those moments. 

1) Not texting back 

This is probably the worst because you can text your guy friends all day but take hours to respond to me, except if I take longer than 10 minutes you're impatient already.

2) It's like a concert with only bass…

Okay, I know you can't help this one, but let me tell you that you sound louder than a freight train.

3) The sink looks like a warzone.

Did you forget how to load a dishwasher?

4) Or needing a new cup every single time you want a new glass of water– 

What's wrong with the first glass? 

5) Gas attacks

I know you're comfortable around me but farting is just not that funny.

6) In one ear, out the other. 

Stop pretending to listen and actually listen. You're not fooling me, you're also hoping I repeat myself so you're not busted. 

7) Two words, common courtesy. 

Why is it that every time I go to the bathroom, I nearly fall into the bowl because you can't be bothered to put the lid back down?

8) The bathroom sink is growing a forest.

If I can manage to make sure I don't leave hair all over is it too much to ask you to wipe up the counter after you shave? 

9) Getting tooth paste on the bathroom mirror- 

I don't think I want to know how you always manage this but at least your teeth are clean.

10) Sock-mageddon 

In between the couch cushions, under a pillow and even in the kitchen. 

11) In fact clothes everywhere- 

I'm pretty convinced you just walk through the door and start stripping because there is always a trail of clothes. 

12) The diva status when you're getting ready.

You say I take forever? I think you may change your shirt and stare at yourself in the mirror more than I do. 

13) When he looks uninterested in what you want to do

 The wonderful thing is we both like different things but I at least pretend to enjoy doing all the things you like even if they're not my favorite. 

14) Keeping control of the remote

I can volume control as well as you do and my browsing through channels is just as entertaining as when you do it. 

15) Constantly checking ESPN 

It's been 30 seconds, not that much could have happened. Relax, princess.

16) Spending too much time in fantasy land.

Let me first start off with you can play those video games by all means, just put them down and pay attention to me every once in awhile or hell let me try. 

17) Not opening up and telling me how you really feel

Guys don't like to show their emotions I get it but I can't help you through things if you don't talk or if you don't tell me what is really bothering you. Let it out I promise it's not that bad. 

18) Not all women drivers are bad.

At least I'm not trying to check sports scores and drive at the same time. 

19) Being forgetful

Even after I've reminded you about 1000 times you still forget we had already made different plans. 

20) Stealing the covers

You're taller than me and always warmer than me so why do you always end up with all the blankets?

21) All the talk about butt stuff

Keep dreaming buddy because my answer is always going to be the same, "hell no". 

22) Getting overly drunk

I'm all about going out and having fun but when you can't even stand up straight and don't remember everything that happened not just once in awhile but every weekend, it's a little excessive. I'm your girlfriend not your babysitter. 

23) When your boredom is definitely showing because we wanted to stop in a certain store

You could at least work on your poker face, I know shopping isn't your favorite but your attitude just makes me slow down to annoy you a little more. 

24) Being sexist

I like to see us as equals and I'll agree there are some things guys do better than girls and vice versa however there is a fine line you like to cross sometimes. 

25) Man colds

The world has ended once you get sick, seriously you're incapable of doing anything but tell me you're dying. 

26) But when I get a cold you tell me I’m fine and that I’m not dying

I'm still expected to cook dinner and do whatever you need, why can't you just take care of me? 

27) Picky about what’s for dinner

You want this but you don't want that and you continuously ask me even though you know I usually don't care. 

28) But then get mad at me for being indecisive about what I want to eat

You already should have known I'd tell you I don't know or I don't care. 

29) Always having to be right

You're wrong a lot. Recognize that.

30) Not being able to handle when I prove you wrong cause I'm actually right

When I actually prove that point you get really sour. 

31) Sleeping in extremely late every weekend

You're either hung over or extremely tired but I want to go to brunch sometimes! 

32) Why do you have to be so stubborn?

This is actually the million dollar question. 

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