33 Negative Thoughts All Girls Have on a Daily Basis That Are Complete B.S.

Girls, we have all these thoughts running through our minds on the daily. There is basically no way to stop them from coming, it just happens. But it’s not right…it is unfair to ourselves.

We are so hard on ourselves and we keep feeding our heads a bunch of bullshit. It’s time to stop allowing ourselves to fall into these negative thoughts and instead walk with our chin up high. 

When this stuff pops into your head, push it right back out and tell yourself something positive instead, even if it feels forced. Soon enough this negatvity will disappear, but only if you put the effort into throwing it in the trash where it belongs.

1. “I’m literally going to be the last person in the entire Facebook community to get engaged.”

2. “I look like complete shit.”

3. “What’s that smell?? I hope it’s not me. It probably is because I’m gross”

4. “Maybe if I smile while talking no one will notice I am actually freaking out on the inside.”

5. “Every single one of the girls on Instagram is 10x hotter than me.”

6. “God my muffin top is pretty fluffy today. Baggy shirt it is.”

7. “The only thing that makes me happy is coffee, and I’m sure it would run from me if it had the chance.”

8. “Why am I never enough?”

9. “I’m so lonely. Everyone else has someone but me. I’m always gonna be alone.”

11. “I feel like I have no friends.”

11. “Why would he want me when he can have her?”

12. “Why don’t I ever shut up?”

13. “People probably think I’m the most annoying person in the world.”

14. “I am so sick of trying so hard to please everyone. No matter what I do, no one will ever like me.”

15. “Is the only thing I’m good for is letting people walk all over me?”

16. “If I don’t do my hair perfectly, this whole outfit is a waste.”

17. “I literally don’t want to see what I look like right now.”

18. “I’m a total bitch and I hate myself for it.”

19. “Holy shit. I’ve turned into Bridget Jones.”

20. “Why am I so hard to love?”

21. “I wish I wasn’t so fat.”

22. “I really need to start working out.”

23. “It’s the chocolate. That’s why I am so fucking fat.”

24. “*walks by a mirror* Omg, do I really look like that? Ugh…”

25. “I guess I don’t look as bad as I thought. But I’m definitely not pretty.”

26. “How come I looked so deformed in all my selfies?! Am I really this ugly?”

27. “I need to stop judging people so much.”

28. “I am so broke and it’s all my fault.”

29. “I need to stop being a fatass.”

30. “I have acne everywhere. People probably cringe when they look at me.”

31. “Why is my smile so awkward?”

32. “Why can’t I just have a gorgeous face and a bangin’ body?”

33. “I have a face only a mother could love…”

When these thoughts come into your head, tell them to pack their bags and leave. Never forget that you are enough, just the way you are. You are your own worst critic. All these things that you’re thinking? No one else thinks them.

You are beautiful, inside and out. But you’ll only see it once you allow yourself to love everything you see in the mirror.