33 Ways to Stay Positive When Everything Feels So Negative

Everyone has hard times in their lives, that’s for sure. For lots of people, the presidential inauguration caused a lot of stress. For some people, living paycheck to paycheck brings on the depression. Sometimes, breakups take you lower than you thought possible.

Instead of dwelling on all of the negative things going on in your life or in the world – which is hella tempting, I know – finding positive things to do can instantly brighten spirits and make you remember that tomorrow really is another day.

  1. Take a nap

  2. Find a new podcast and binge-listen (like My Favorite Murder)

  3. Take yourself on a date to the movies

  4. Sing karaoke in a dive bar

  5. Find a recipe online and make it, even if you can’t cook

  6. Buy a pack of Oreos and eat as many as you want without feeling guilty

  7. Watch a Disney movie

  8. Take aesthetic Instagram photos with your friends

  9. Read a positive quote list

  10. Find a new book and read it without interruptions

  11. Have a dance party in your living room 

  12. Paint your nails a bright color

  13. Turn your phone off for the entire day

  14. Treat yo’ self to something you’ve been wanting

  15. Enjoy a pint of your favorite flavor of Ben & Jerry’s

  16. Spend time with people who make you laugh

  17. Take thirty minutes to journal about your feelings

  18. Read funny websites – like Texts from Last Night or FML

  19. Spend a whole hour looking at variations on your favorite meme

  20. Listen to the Hamilton soundtrack from start to finish

  21. Put on your comfiest pajamas and drink hot chocolate

  22. Find a funny show to watch on Netflix (like Garfunkel and Oates)

  23. Paint a watercolor sunset

  24. Watch your absolute favorite movie

  25. Listen to your favorite uplifting song on repeat

  26. Call a friend you haven’t had time to talk to in a while

  27. Go on a Tinder date (if it sucks, at least you have a good story!)

  28. Meditate 

  29. Do some yoga

  30. Online window shop – fill a cart with things you want and then close the browser

  31. Call your mom 

  32. Take a bath with a nice bath bomb, bottle of wine, and soothing music

  33. Look through old photographs that make you smile

No matter what you do, emphasizing the good in life is bound to make you happier and feel like things will get better.

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