4 Reasons Why He Can’t Be “Best Friends?? Forever

We ladies have all had that one guy friend who is/was vital to our existence. The one guy we can trust with our secrets, our tears, and to be there for us no matter what. We entrust in him the most inner parts of our soul, because he’s the one guy not faking it to put another notch in his bedpost.

While that is mostly true of him, he is still human and can have a tendency to be less vocal than you would expect. Bring in 4 reasons why he can’t be just a friend his entire life.

  • Men feel they have obvious intentions while courting.

Men, at their core, are very simple and able to read- if we would take the time to do so. They live to be as non-complex as possible, and are polar opposites from us females. Therefore, when a gentleman spends all of his time with you, listens to you, and devotes his attention to you- he (generally speaking) feels that is substantial evidence enough to prove he has more than “just friends?? feelings for a girl.

  • Whether he admits it or not, he thinks about you constantly.

Although this is not always a romantic “thinking of you??, he does think about you constantly. He is still your best friend, and knows that. However, his feelings become stronger with each day because unlike us ladies who do the friend-zoning, they are always looking out for our best interests, even when he knows that the feeling is not going to be reciprocated. Men protect the women they love, no matter the cost or hurt.

  • He wants to date, but he can’t.

While you are out dating around and telling him stories of your trysts, he is silently debating doing the same. But he usually doesn’t (or it doesn’t last long) because, in essence, no one compares to you. Men who date around but also have a female friend they are immensely close with, usually don’t have long lasting relationships- either because the girl couldn’t handle her own jealous feelings about you, or he couldn’t fathom spending as much time with her as he does you.

That doesn’t necessarily fault you for his inability to date, but it is largely centered around you whether you intend it so or not.

  • He wants to move on, but he can’t.

He doesn’t always necessarily want to date someone else, as much as move on from being centered around one female who offers him no future aside from hanging out.

The guy you have hooked knows he is hooked and wants to be free of it, but is never really quite ready to let go. He feels that the moment he does, you will inevitably see what he did, and when you are ready, he will be too.

I had a male friend once tell me, “I won’t always be around to be your best friend. One day I will get married and I will love her, and won’t always be able to be there for you like I am now. It isn’t to be a jerk, it’s just being honest.??

So, while it is great to have that guy best friend, remember that he wouldn’t invest his time, money, or emotions on someone who he sees no future with. He may be your best friend now, but he just can’t be “best friends forever??. It would hurt him too much, too often.