48 Winter Bucket List Idea's for Every Type of Couple

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Nightfall comes so much quicker, trees are bare of leaves, and colder weather is creeping in meaning one thing, winter and the holidays are closing in! Instead of hiding inside from the cold wishing for warm weather and beaches, grab your significant other and get a romantic bucket list together for the winter months to come. 

In the  kitchen

1. Bake some Christmas goodies; a minimum of five types and then hand them out to family, friends, and neighbors.

2. Make some delicious peppermint bark using candy canes and almond bark.

3. Get some different candies together; make a gingerbread house together and place it on display.

4. Make some homemade hot cocoa with mini marshmallows and put it in jars to hand out as gifts during the holidays.

5. Drink some eggnog.

6. Plan and cook a large holiday meal, inviting your friends and family over to share laughs, food, and memories.

7. Make Christmas cookies to leave out for Santa Clause.

Cozy Indoor  Activities

8. Decorate the house with lights and Christmas decor.

9. Make a countdown chart of the days until Christmas.

10. Put names on, decorate, and hang up Christmas stockings.

11. Get matching onesie pajamas and lounge around all day.

12. Take a cute picture and construct a holiday card to send out to your family and friends.

13. Make a holiday wreath together out of tree branches, pine cones, and some other decorative items. Hang it on the door to greet everyone!

14. Take some time to make an ornament together about your relationship. Mark it with established in, first Christmas together, or other fun loving messages.

15. Spend a night in with friends playing board games, drinking cider, and enjoying some holiday sweets.

16. Play Christmas music while you do some winter cleaning to tidy up the house.

17. Get an Elf on the Shelf and make a creative game out of it, hiding it from each other every other day.

18. Throw a Christmas party and invite all your friends, encouraging them to dress up and bring a dish for supper.

19. Each buy a small present and exchange them before midnight Christmas Eve.

Things to  Cuddle Up and Watch

20. Watch the Hallmark Channel; list of days and times available here.

21. The Nutcracker (Movie or Live Version) ; a perfect ballet classic for any couple.

22. A Charlie Brown Christmas; a perfect animated tradition for both young and old.

23. It’s a Wonderful Life; a reminder of the important things in life and how thankful we should be the little things.

24. A Christmas Story; another classic filled with humor and can easily develop into some gag gifts for the holidays.

25. Elf; a movie brought to life by Will Farrell that will keep you both laughing through the duration of the movie.

Outside  Activities

26. Build a snowman; either a classic version, or a twist on what you can find in the house.

27. Visit a tree farm and pick out the perfect tree to display in your house.

28. Caroling; grab a few friends who enjoy singing and spread some of the holiday cheer.

29. Ice Skating; without hurting yourself visit a skating rink at night under the stars. There is nothing much more romantic than that.

30. Attend a Hockey game and cheer on either a local team, or honestly, just pick one and enjoy yourselves!

31. Learn how to ski or snowboard together helping each other out so you don’t fall.

32. Go Ice fishing and try to out-fish each other. The loser has to buy dinner!

33. Drive or ride on a snowmobile and hop on some trails for an afternoon.

34. Go on a sleigh ride and enjoy the romantic beauty that winter brings.

35. Have a spontaneous snowball fight because nothing says I love you like a ball of snow in the face.

36. Make a snow fort, and spend some time hiding inside of it, laughing.

37. Go sledding and find that perfect hill to pick up some wicked speed.

Night Out

38. Go to Panera for a bowl of warm soup and some bread.

39. Take a weekend and visit a cozy cabin.

40. Go for a drive in your vehicle with some hot cocoa and look at all of the different lights and decorations.

41. If you have a light show or tour, grab some friends and play some Christmas music as you go through it.

42. Get your picture taken with a Santa Clause and put it on the fridge.

43. Find a fancy restaurant, dress up, and go out for a fancy meal as a couple.

Heartwarming  Volunteer Ideas

44. Shovel the neighbor’s driveway without being asked to surprise them.

45. Work in the soup kitchen feeding the needy for an afternoon.

46. Wrap up and donate toys to children in need this holiday season.

47. Go through your closets and take clothes you do not wear to a shelter for the homeless or needy.

48. Donate blankets, food, bones, and toys to the local animal shelter, or foster a pet so they do not have to spend the holidays alone.

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