49 Things That Are Way Better Than a Boyfriend

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Boyfriends are great and all but seriously I love my single life. I love my ability to do whatever I want, whenever I want, without having to consider anyone else in the equation. 

  1. A long country cruise in beautiful weather- Anyone down to get lost and find yourself?

  2. Being front row with your bestie at your favorite band’s concert

  3. Having the entire bed to yourself AKA not having to put up with someone stealing the blankets

  4. A long, hot bath after a stressful day (with wine, obiviously)

  5. Girls Night Out- Need I say more?

  6. Getting to watch “The Notebook” with no one complaining

  7. Shamelessly flirting… everyone loves free drinks at the bar

  8. Fried pickles

  9. Drinking the entire bottle of wine with no shame

  10. Wearing sweats 24/7… You know the pair, holes in the butt, torn on the bottoms, almost see through and wouldn’t wear them in front of anyone but they are the most comfortable thing you own. 

  11. Binge watching everything on Netflix 

  12. Eating an entire pint of Ben & Jerry’s 

  13. Going weeks without shaving your legs

  14. Finding your dream job

  15. A margarita and a late night chat with your bestie 

  16. Watching the entire series of One Tree Hill in a week

  17. Shemar Moore because every girl needs to be called baby girl once in awhile

  18. A new Michael Kors bag

  19. Zach Myers in Shinedown, my god. 

  20. Not having to deal with someone else’s (crazy) family

  21. Eating an entire pizza by yourself

  22. And getting garlic knots as a side

  23. Okay, let’s be real greasy foods in general- everyone needs comfort food occasionally

  24. The smell of fresh brewed coffee when you wake up

  25. Watching the sunset and sunride… there’s beauty in watching the day end and night begin

  26. Stay up all night with your besties

  27. Traveling the world 

  28. Charlie Hunnam because deep down we all love the bad boy

  29. Better than Sex Cake- It’s kinda like an orgasm in your mouth 

  30. The feeling of someone else washing your hair and curling it for a night out. 

  31. A one night stand that tops them all

  32. Jim, Jack, and Jose: sometimes a girl’s best friend isn’t a little black dress 

  33. Channing Tatum’s dance moves… Hello Magic Mike on repeat

  34. Endless Pumpkin Spice Lattes 

  35. Fresh, clean sheets that smell like lavender

  36. Losing 5 pounds without trying… or trying really hard 

  37. Puppy kisses

  38. Spending quality time with mom and dad

  39. Losing yourself in a good read… “The Fault in Our Stars” anyone?

  40. Cuddling with your pups- they love you no matter what you’re wearing and even if you haven’t showered in three days

  41. Day drinking because maybe we just need to forget the night before 

  42. Boating with friends, these are the memories that will last a lifetime not some crappy first date 

  43. Beaching it with friends… I’m thinking sun tan and half naked men.. What more can a girl ask for in the summer?

  44. Football games. Have you seen football pants? Seriously, that butt though!

  45. Hockey players. My fave.

  46. Binging Gossip Girl

  47. Not Having to share ANYTHING! 

  48. Eating as much cake as you want and not feeling guilty

  49. Free Wifi when you need it the most

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