What To Expect When You Bring Your SO Home For The Holidays

The holidays are meant for family. You eat too much, give and receive gifts, and you enjoy being in the company of those you love- including your boyfriend.

When you first tell your family that he is coming home with you everyone is more excited as ever to meet him, but here are a few things that happen we he does come home with you.

1. Your parents feel awkward about the two of you sharing a room. 

While you have been away from home you have gotten used to having sleepovers at your boyfriend’s, but your parents are just not ready to acknowledge that fact.

After an awkward conversation, they allow it, as long as there is no “funny business”… whatever that means.

2. You end up telling the story of how you two met about 1000 times to different family members. 

And the worst part is, there is nothing too romantic about meeting each other at a party, is there?

3. You get nervous every time you look over and he is alone talking to one of your relatives. 

Immediately you wonder what they are talking about and praying that he doesn’t say anything stupid.

4. You realize sometimes you need your space.

Spending a whole week with your family plus your boyfriend can be a bit much and everyone needs time to themselves but in the end, you will cherish the time you are able to be with all of them.

5. You realize that no matter what, your family will accept who you date because they believe in your judgement. 

After all of the stressing over if they will like him or not, by the end of the week you realize that none of it mattered because they love you so they will love him.