5 best teas that help you to keep yourself Slim

Most of the time you may hear that a cup of tea can prevent tooth decay, arthritis and strokes and also keep you safe from cancer. But most of the time you may think that whether these are true or false information. The answer is yes, tea can be very helpful and prevent many health issues but one thing is also true that excess tea intake is always bad. Now most common question most of the people normally ask, can tea helpful for weight loss? For them the answer is a big yes! There are many weight loss teas which can keep you slim and help you for weight loss in an effective manner. In this article we will discuss regarding 5 best weight loss teas which are very helpful for you. So let’s starts without wasting your time.   

Star  anise Tea

Star anise tea very effective and always promotes the digestion. This is a special kind of fruit of a small ever green tree which normally found in China. This tea always helps to the people those who have digestion problems like diarrhea, nausea and stomach upset. You can prepare this tea with some sugar to make it tastier. Take slow and small sip if you have stomach issue for better result. It also helps to control your body weight.   

Peppermint  Tea

If you love to drink peppermint tea then try it with green tea. This can be an effective weight loss tea for you which can manage your body fat as well as speed up your digestion system and burn calories rapidly. You can prepare peppermint tea either cold and hot if you can add honey in it then it can be more effective towards your weight loss and also enhance the taste.

Green  Tea 

Green tea always helps to builds metabolism which always help you to burn your calories and help you to stay slim. According to research EGCG is present in green tea which can burn up to 70 calories on regular basis. If you want to be slim then hurry up and keep green tea on your regular routine for better result.

Rose  Tea

Rose Tea is very old flavor and the process of this tea making is very simple. You need to add fresh roses and teas together. This can be very helpful for your calorie burn. This special kind of tea always help to clearing the toxin in your body and offers vitamin B3, C, D and A. This tea also helps you to keep your body slim.

Oolong  Tea

Oolong is more effective than green tea. It can easily burn your cholesterol and the body fat. Most of the experts recommended taking at least two cup of this tea for better result. This is very useful for those who are worried regarding their overweight. If you want to be slim then just add this tea on your routine and experience the result. This is one of the most popular and successful weight loss teas.