5 Reasons to Consider LASIK Surgery to Improve your Vision

LASIK Eye surgery can proffer some benefits to those who face eye conditions and must wear corrective frames or contacts. If you suffer from poor eyesight, LASIK can help your condition with…

1.Improving your Vision— Statistics prove that of the the total amount of LASIK eye surgery patients, 95% have resulted in a UCVA, or uncorrected visual acuity, of 20/40 at least, which is very close to perfect. 85% achieve 20/20 vision or even better. Vision can be greatly improved after only one or two procedures depending on the type of Lasik.

2. Results that Endure —After the 3 month stabilization period, patients can expect improvements that are permanent. Follow up procedures or corrections and adjustments further down the line are not necessary. The only time further work could be necessary is if the results were overcorrected or undercorrected. After an adjustment or two the correction is permanent and only susceptible to the natural degradation of eyesight with time.

3. Immediate Results and quick Recovery Time — You won't be driving back from your LASIK eye procedure, but most ophthalmologists say you can resume regular work by the very next day, unless you work in conditions that could put your eyes at risk. Imagine that, near perfect vision within a day or two.

4. No more contacts — Contact lenses cost the average contact lens user over $400 each year. You will of course spend much more than $400 on this type of LASIK procedure but can save a lot more than that in the long run. The investment will certainly pay for itself in the long run, and will eliminate the need for contact liquids and poking yourself in the eyeball each morning.

5. No Need For Glasses, Either—We know its been along time since schoolkids have been mocked for having “Four Eyes” when out celebrities and sports icons will wear frames for the simple joy of wearing frames.

Nevertheless, the need for having glasses can bring with it some minor nuisances that can all be circumvented with LASIK eye surgery.