5 Reasons Why Gay Guys Need A Straight Guy BFF

Let me start by saying that I love my girlfriends. Each and everyone of them has taught me something about myself and I value their friendship very much. They make me laugh when I’m about to cry and they are always down to party. What more can you ask for in your best friends? I absolutely adore being their G.B.F

But there are sometimes when having girlfriends is just not enough. There are some questions they just can’t answer and some feelings they just can’t empathize with or induce. Sometimes you just need a good guy friend there for you. Not just any guy, a straight guy. 

The moment I was initiated into my fraternity, I knew from then on, I would have brothers for life. These group of guys would always be there for me, even after college. I know it sounds cliche, but it’s true. My fraternity brothers gave me something that my girlfriends could never give me. Gay guys need at least one straight male best friend and here are five reasons why.

1. Equality Over Everything

Even though we, as a society, are making big strides in making equality a reality, there are still some people who are just hateful. Or ignorant. Or fearful of things they can’t comprehend. Sometimes you expect straight guys to be weary and dodge us gays when we are near them. Having a straight male best friend changes your perspective on straight guys. He treats you just like he treats any of his other guy friends. He talks about sex, farts, burps, encourages you to do stupid shit, and hits you for no apparent reason. Even though everything he does is disgusting and sometimes painful, you love him for it. 

2. Knight In Shining Armor

Your straight guy friend is like a protective pit bull. And I mean that in the nicest way possible. When he sees someone treating you badly, he swoops in and puts himself in the line of fire. No matter if it’s a bar fight or a rude random on the street, your straight male BFF always has your back. I think it might have something to do with him believing you are more vulnerable than “regular??? guys, which is completely untrue, but why not embrace his protectiveness. If your boyfriend cheats on you, you better believe your BFF is going to put him in the ground.

3. Mutual Guy Problems

Your awkward boner you had in the middle of a presentation, he understands. Finding somewhere to urinate outside without getting arrested, he understands. Manscaping, he understands. You may be able to talk about these guy issues with your girls but she doesn’t understand. 

4. Dating Advice

Your straight male BFF knows guys. He knows what they like and can decipher their actions. He is the perfect wing man. And because you guys are not after the same mates, you can be sure that he won’t try to steal your potential husband right out from under you. 

5. Practice Your Straight-dar

Gays don’t wear signs, clothes, or give off a smell that let’s other people know they’re gay. And personally, I’m not going to bluntly ask a guy if he is gay. That’s rude and I don’t want to get punched in the face. Having a straight best friend will help you develop your straight-dar. You will know what to look for when scoping out the eye candy at the gym or club. 

Do you have a straight male BFF? How has he impacted your life?