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5 Reasons Why I’m an Avid Coffee Drinker.

Okay, Okay! I know we’ve all read way too many post about coffee and all of it’s beneficiary qualities! Or at least I know that I have!

However, I feel that as an avid coffee drinking, self diagnosed coffee addict, it is my duty to share with everybody exactly why I have this obsession and excessive need for my favorite caffeinated drink!

So, here are 5 reasons why I’m addicted to coffee:

1)  There’s just something so sentimentally warming, and satisfying about holding a warm cup of Jo in your hands. I don’t know what it is about just sitting in my cozy sweater, with some wool socks on, while reading a book that just makes me feel so comfortable and at home when drinking coffee. Mmm..I can just feel the love within the coziness of my own home.

2) Some days it is the ONLY thing that gets me through the day! When I’ve had an extremely long day with school, work, annoying people, and just frustrating life moments, coffee just makes everything better.. even if it only lasts about 5 minutes! Because you know, I suck it down in just that short of time span and then reality hits me all over again!

3) Coffee is always there for you! Yes, I realize coffee is just a liquid substance that gives you a caffeine high, and a few short hours of energy! But come on, sometimes your friends just aren’t available to call, and when you REALLY need someone or something to pick you up instantly, coffee is your best friend!! And HELLO! – it’s everywhere! Literally, like everywhere. You can always rely on every gas station around the corner to serve it, and almost everywhere you go, there’s some sort of cafe or bakery that offers an endless supply of it! So basically, I can get it anytime I need it. How wonderful is that!?

4) It tastes absolutely amazing. Whether you drink it straight up black, Sugared, Carmel filled, creamed, or latte’d it doesn’t seem to matter! It rarely lets you down or disappoints. Let’s just leave this one right there! It’s good yeah!?

5) If not for coffee, I wouldn’t have managed to get out of bed this morning, or well any morning actually. Yeah, that may sound a bit extreme but it’s the God’s honest truth! I can’t function before 7 a.m. unless my bodies full on caffeinated! Trust me, you do NOT want to see all THIS when it is forced to withdraw! It’s definitely NOT pretty! 

So, there you go my friends! There is 5 reasons why I’m an open and avid coffee drinking addict!