5 Reasons Why Moving Away From My Hometown Made Me a Better Person

You will always hear that moving to a new place is hard, but you never truly realize this until you move 2,000 miles away from your hometown. You go from knowing every street, every light, every back road…to knowing nothing.

This can be both terrifying and exciting at the same time..but here is how moving away from my home benefited me more than I ever believed it would.

1.  I made genuine friends.

When you spend years with the same people in your home town, you tend to make friends with people just because you’ve known each other for so long. Don’t get me wrong, I made many amazing lifelong friends in my hometown, but moving away, you get a chance to meet people who really connects with your soul.

2. I reflected, a lot.

I went through many emotions when I moved. I was lonely for awhile, but that gave me the chance to think about what I really wanted in life. It gave me time to discover myself and let me plan for my future.

3. I tried things I have never tried before.

Change is scary but it opens doors. These can be opportunities in school or work, but the possibilities are endless. I found the subject I was passionate in because I moved and have many blessings that would have never happened if I stayed in my hometown.

4. I became more independent.

Moving comes with obstacles you have to get through. Although this got stressful, I now know how to deal with problems many people my age don’t know how to deal with.

5. I became more thankful for all that I have and a happier person.

Something about leaving your hometown makes you become very grateful for all the little things you took for granted in your hometown. The place you went after football games, the sleepovers you had with your best friends, all of it. I learned that those will always be memories I will forever cherish, but sometimes it is time to move on.

Change is terrifying. Moving sucks. I miss my hometown and old best friends everyday. Despite all of this, I would never take back leaving my home. Change is essential to life, without it, you may never find out where you really belong.