5 Steps to Better Sleep for Healthy

Sleep is really important for each of us, or any kind of animal. When lack of sleep, our bodies will act not in circulation, causing various diseases. This article outlines five steps to help you have a good sleep.

Step 1. Be consistent

Nothing helps sleep better than an actual sleep routine-consider the way you plan your work day and your exercise, adn give the same thoughtful attention to your sleep, say Krishna M.Sundar, MD, Medicine medical Director at the University of Utah Sleep Wake Center.

Step 2. Create a restful environment

Your bedroom should be reserved for rest and sleep. Keep it qyiet, dark and cool (around 65F). Make sure there is no light from computers or phone dim the face of your alarm clock or turn it to the wall. And do not work in bed.

Step 3. Exercise regularly

Schedule activities such as running, cycling and weght training for the morning. Try yoga, pilates and tai chi or other more moderate exercises closer to bedtime.

Step 4. Limit stimulants

The averge person consumes between 200 mg and 300 mg of caffeine daily ( that is about two to four cups of a caffeinated beverage). The effects can last up to 4 hours, which may effect asleep. Cut down on beverages and supplements with stimulants in them, especially in the evening.

Step 5. Talk to your physician

If you are still not getting quality sleep, contact your physician and learn about the treament options best for you.

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