50 Winter Date Ideas Even Your Boyfriend Will Love

There’s honestly nothing more romantic than being in love in the winter, with the snow falling outside, your hand kept warm in his. But your boyfriend might not be as mushy as you are when it comes to the holidays, so dragging him to the events that put you in the spirit might be a struggle. Deep down he knows it’ll make you happy, but he can’t be seen stringing together popcorn to put around the tree. It’ll hurt his manly-man demeanor.

It’s the coziest season, filled with nights snuggled up to your other half by the fire with two very full glasses of wine. So it’s time you get creative on how to get your boyfriend out of the house and into the spirit like you.

  1. Make a fire and snuggle under a blanket with a bottle of wine.

  2. Bundle each other up and play in the fresh snow, maybe even build a snowman.

  3. Make hot chocolate and popcorn and cuddle up on the couch and watch Freeform’s Classic Christmas movie list.

  4. Buy a gingerbread house kit and spend the night attempting to put it together and decorating it… or maybe just eating it instead.

  5. Make every holiday cookie you have saved on your Pinterest board.

  6. Head over to your town’s tree lighting and watch the tree get beautifully lit up.

  7. Go overboard on the Christmas decorations and dance around to Christmas music.

  8. Cook a huge dinner together and throw a holiday party for all your friends and family.

  9. Take a moonlit walk in the snow through town.

  10.  Hop in your car and go visit a festival of lights.

  11.  Devote one entire day to gift shopping and get all your presents early together.

  12.  Take a trip to the city and visit the big tree, and take a classic picture in front of it of course.

  13.  Go ice skating hand in hand.

  14.  Bring out the inner child in both of you and build a fort in the living room together.

  15.  Find the biggest hill in town and go sledding.

  16.  Have a snowball fight outside (and show him your real competitive side).

  17.  Take lots of wintery photos in the snow.

  18.  Make a mega whipped cream filled, chocolate sprinkled, hot chocolate.

  19.  Have a classic, cute kiss under a mistletoe.

  20.  Take a night off from going out and order a pizza and play board games.

  21.  Set up a winter scavenger hunt. Start with finding 3 snowmen.

  22.  Make a holiday box for a soldier or child and send it out.

  23.  Take a horse-drawn carriage ride through town.

  24.  Decorate your Christmas tree together.

  25.  Spend the night getting drunk trying all the holiday cocktails you pinned on Pinterest.

  26.  Warm up with a night bowling splitting a pitcher of beer.

  27.  Spend the afternoon at a coffee shop with a view of the snow falling outside.

  28.  Find a delicious recipe for your favorite comfort foods and cook dinner together.

  29.  Go to an ugly sweater party and dress each other.

  30.  Attempt to build an igloo in your yard, then laugh when it falls apart.

  31.  When that fails, lay in the snow and make snow angels.

  32.  Take skiing or snowboarding lessons together or teach each other.

  33.  Then spend the weekend at a ski resort.

  34.  Make homemade Christmas tree ornaments.

  35.  Spend a lazy, snowy, day in bed all day.

  36.  Deliver cookies to family, friends, and neighbors.

  37.  Have an at-home spa night together filled with face masks that’ll winter-proof your love’s face.

  38.  Make s’mores on top of the stove and feed each other.

  39.  Try a local restaurant for dinner that neither of you has ever been to.

  40.  Attend a holiday festival together, local or long distance.

  41.  Go out for breakfast in your sweatpants.

  42.  Spend the day crafting all kinds of crafts together.

  43.  Take a trip to the library and spend the day on the couch just reading.

  44.  Take a weekend getaway in a winter wonderland.

  45.  Make yummy, warm soup on a cold night.

  46.  Have an indoor picnic.

  47.  Volunteer together at a local food bank.

  48.  Have a popcorn and pajama party and watch your favorite tv show holiday specials.

  49.  Take a bubble bath together with candles and music.

  50.  Binge watch a Netflix series together that’s been on your list for way too long.

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