6 Ideas to Add to Your Fall Bucket List

1. Go Apple/Pumpkin Picking

You can never go wrong with starting the season off with a solid fall bucket list, starting with some good apple picking. Running from tree to tree finding the best ones are just plain fun to do, and then you get to continue the fun at home! There are so many recipes waiting between the kitchen and that bag of freshly picked apples. Apple pie, applesauce, apple fritters, cameral apples; the possibilities are endless!

Pumpkin picking might have to wait for later in the season but, nonetheless, it’s all the more enjoyable. Rummaging through the pumpkin patch looking for the perfect decoration to sit on your front porch never gets old. Then when it comes to carving, you let your imagination run wild. Spooky ghost or silly face always looks theatrical when lit up on Halloween night. Can’t forget roasting those pumpkin seeds!

2. Fall bucket list goal– Attend a Festival

This time of year there is a 101 festival to meet every one of your fall bucket list needs. Craft tables galore and a cup of hot apple cider always hit the spot. Not to mention the weather is just right. You’re able to enjoy the colorful leaves falling and the hustle and bustle out in the community.

3. Munch of your favorite fall treats 

Curling up on the couch with a pumpkin spice latte and a bowl of chili really hits the spot. Whatever your go-to food is this season, enjoy! Soups are my personal favorite; a great way to warm you up on a chilly October day.

4. Decorate the house

On the first day of September, I take my stuff down from the attic. Fall leaves, pumpkin, scarecrows – the whole nine yards. Decorate your home with those fall colors that will for sure warm your house up. Scented candles add the final touch!

5. Corn maze and hayride

Find in your inner child again and take a hayride or find your way through a corn maze. Taking those bumpy rides or twisting through turns is family fun you’ll never forget.

6. For your Fall bucket list Go for a scenic walk 

September through November are my favorite times of the year. The weather is not too hot, not too cold. You’re able to enjoy the crisp breeze and a leisurely walk after work. Just don’t wait too late, it gets dark out earlier!

No bucket list is complete without adding these fall festivities. Fall is the time of year for new beginnings, great weather, and fun activities!

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