6 Millennial Women Who Are Running The Business World

Women have made some incredible strides over the past several decades. We have sought to be equal with men and prove ourselves capable of taking on the world. As much as people would like to claim millennials are lazy and without ambition, the facts prove otherwise when it comes to our role in changing the world of business and careers for females.

Here are 6 Millennial women who are kicking some serious ass in the world of business.

1. Erin Hutt
Erin founded Chains Inc. The company's goal is to pair teens with mentors to help them establish and reach their career goals. They are assisted with networking and making decisions about their future. She is directly invested in the next generation by ensuring that youth are ready for all that life might throw their way on the path to career success.

2. Hannah Brancato
Hannah is responsible for Monument Quilt, an art initiative/campaign by Force where stories of women who survived rape and abuse are stitched together into a quilt. Over 1,000 squares have been displayed in 22 cities across the USA. Her goal is to gather enough stories/squares to  stitch the words “Not Alone” across a one-mile space of the national mall in Washington, DC.

3. Eden Full
Eden invented a machine that rotates solar panels with the sun so that they are able to collect up to 40% more power. Her invention is called, SunSaluter and her research has been instrumental in helping thousands in developing countries.

4. Jenna Haggar
Jenna earned the title of Youngest Ever Female Legislator in South Dakota in 2011, at age 24. She used her platform to advocate for women's rights. She is now a member of the U.S. Senate. She also started a political action committee to work towards getting young women involved in politics.

5. Isabella Weems
Isabella remarkably founded the popular jewelry company, Origami Owl when she was only 14. She really only started out to try to save money for a car but now she's a business success. She's only just begun her 20's but her company is already making major sales and growing steadily.

6. Michelle Phan
Michelle is not just a Youtube Star, she is co-founder of Ipsy. Ipsy is a widely known monthly subscription box that sends out beauty samples, how-to videos, and tips. The company is making about $84 million per year.

We millennials are in the prime of our life but we're failing to take note of the important strides being made by young women. If we don't talk about what's happening, we are failing the women who have already given so much of themselves but more than that, we are failing to encourage other women to go forward and do that same. I'm sure countless women still sit at home and honestly wonder if they'll ever really make a difference. This is the time for making things happen. It's a time for setting goals and taking concrete steps to achieve them.

As we near a new decade of possibilities, young women are going to play a major role in how the ladies of the coming generations are regarded in the workplace. By being open and celebrating the accomplishments women have already made, we can ignite passion and build dreams for other women around the world to take control of their lives and go after their goals.