6 Reasons to Let Your Inner Child Run Free

In our adult lives, it seems like being carefree is always frowned upon. You’re always told to act like an adult and to follow strict rules and regulations nearly everywhere you go. Sometimes you just need to let go and enjoy yourself in the moment. 

There are benefits to giving yourself breaks from adulting every now and then:

1) If you don’t let your inner child run free every now and then, you’re going to go nuts.

You spend so much of your day being tied to a routine. You’re always told to keep in line and do things a certain way. You deserve a damn break to protect your sanity.

2) You don’t want to lose your inner child.

You don’t want to forget how to be carefree, do you? You’re not going to be too interesting if you can’t kick back and enjoy yourself every now and then.

3) You need to give yourself time to explore.

When much of your daily routine is set in stone, you have little time to explore other interests. Let the curious nature of your youth encourage you to try new things.

4) You need to have fun.

All work and no play won’t make a healthy day…or something like that. Your inner child knows how to have fun without the need for technology.

5) You can’t let logic determine everything. Follow your passions.

If you were 100% logical all the time, you wouldn’t be passionate about anything. Make your life worth living and do some things simply because you enjoy them.

6) Your inner child is full of creativity.

Your inner child has not been molded to fit society’s demands. Sure, you may have been rough around the edges, but your innocence opened doors to new ideas and adventures.