6 Rules for Road Trippin' with your Girls

    Everyone loves a good vacation, but do you know what’s even better? A road trip vacation with your besties! It’s something that everyone should do at least once in their lives! Here’s some tips for all of you future road-tripping squads:=

1.Share the DJ privileges whilst in the car On our most recent road trip, each of the four of us made our own playlist for the drive, and we rotated iPods throughout the journey. Keepin’ it fair, ya know?

2.Luggage Rules On the subject of keeping it fair, we had a pact to each have the same size luggage and one carry on bag for the car. That’s right, don’t be stealin’ my leg room y’all. No one wants someone else’s bag of shoes all up in their business.

3.Pack snacks. We all get hangry and that is the literal worst in the car. Like someone might get punched if I don’t have my granola bar. Make sure you pack lots of yummy and non-perishable foods before you head out.

4.Create a hashtag! That way, you can find all of your photos from your trip in one place. Listen, like it or not, we’reliving in the 21st century and no one’s taking their film to get developed anymore. It’s all about the internet now. So how do you see the adorable pics your friends took? A hashtag to connect them all in one place of course!

5.Be flexible.  Part of the fun is the not knowing what to expect. Planning is great, and you have to do it to a certain extent, but being spontaneous has its perks. On the other hand, if you’re too much of a “P”personality according the the Myers-Briggs test instead of a “J”you might need more structure and planning on your road trip to keep you in line. Or you could end up sleeping in the park with a hobo. No one wants that. We suggest you have at least one “J” in the car at all times. If you don’t know your personality type, you should. Your life will make so much more sense. Go take a Myers-Briggs test now!

6.Have fun! Cause really that’s what it’s all about. When you’re on a once in a lifetime trip, the goal is to make the most of it. Live it up. Make a fool of yourself. Jump in a fountain, or frolic in the streets. Do what makes YOU happy and make memories to last a lifetime!