7 Reasons You Should Date A Latina At Least Once In Your Lifetime

In the opinion of your humble correspondent, us Latinas are far and away the superior breed of woman within the context of any sexual relationship.

From wives to “bed” buddies and everything in between, us Latinas blow away (literally and figuratively) all other females in just about every way imaginable.

I tested my theory by asking 10 men of different nationalities about their relationships of varying degrees with different nationalities of women.

I found that the feminine qualities of Latinas seem to hold up the longest in the cesspool and this, among other reasons, makes us the undisputed queens of arm candy.

Whatever the reason for our longer feminine shelf life, I strongly recommend that every man game, date or marry a Latina at least once in their lives because they will change your preference and taste in women.

Here’s why:

7. They consistently embrace their femininity.

Women of all races embrace their femininity when shaking their rumps at the club. They know that men like feminine women regardless of their public advocacy of the “strong and independent woman.”

Latinas, on the other hand, tend to carry their ladylike auras everywhere because it is who we are. We love being sexy and take tremendous pride in our femininity.

High heels and long beautiful hair are mainstays for us ladies because it is embraced by our culture. Even when popping over to the store around the corner we make sure we’re looking good. We enjoy being feminine women and it shows!

“Well what about Latinas loud bitchy temperaments? That’s not very feminine at all!”

You’re absolutely right, it’s not. However the intoxicating girlishness that exude from our appearance come at a price. That price is raw masculinity which leads to the fact that…

6. They completely submit to boldness and dominance.

Us Latinas are a handful – trust me. If you’re not equipped to handle our spirit, passion or our jealousy (which escalates quickly and loudly regardless of game, frame or venue), we will chew you up and spit you out.

Latin women can be very intimidating. Our fiery personalities are another part of our culture that we embrace. Incidentally, this acts as a highly effective beta repellent. Step to us with weak game and we will blow you out like a bad tire. I speak from personal experience.

Tight game, rock solid frame and demonstrating high value gets you in the door. But when you establish true dominance, we’ll go from tiger to kitten right before your very eyes.

Our expressions and voice will soften, we relax and will completely surrender ourselves to you. It is a beautiful thing when this happens but it is far from easy.

We Latinas are some of the wildest fillies out there and it is very, very difficult to break us.

We want to make sure we are dealing with a man and will often vocalize this in no uncertain terms. We test you with an intensity from the jump… count on it.

When you establish yourself as a dominant male who is unafraid of our feisty temperaments, the rewards are well worth it.

The bottom line is that a tamed mujer will treat you like a king and one of the benefits that comes with that royal treatment is that…

5. They will cook for you.

This is another cultural element that us hispanic women take pride in. The ability to cook for our man is something we outwardly brag about to our amigas and familia.

The old adage “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” is drilled into our skulls from a very young age.

This characteristic crosses all generations. Pleasing our men with food we prepare is something we all have in common and neither age or notch count seems to make much of a difference.

I would, however, say that one drawback to this is that most of our cooking skills usually are limited to our native country.

So you may just get a little tired of tostones, black beans and rice as a side to every single meal. However, it would still be a welcome alternative to the TV dinners white girls slave over the microwave to prepare.

4. The way they dance and move.

Ever watch a Latin girl dance? Ever see anything hotter?…nope! Watching us hot blooded honeys move with the passion and spirit we possess on the dance floor will take your breathe away.

Our seductive, provocative movements and the utter disregard for our partner’s sweat is something akin to soft core porn, according to some of the men I interviewed.

This quality also sticks around outside of the discoteca.

The feminine movements we exhibit on those weekend nights influence our movements during the day.

Have you ever seen a Latina who didn’t move like a woman? Our natural femininity and sexual aura display even in our most subtle movements…enough to drive any man crazy.

Watching Latinas dance has even motivated some to start taking salsa classes to step up their game.

3. They are very passionate in bed.

Most men can attest to the terrible attempts many other women make to mimic porn stars. All the over the top yelling and screaming and rehearsed line from bad porn is both hilarious and pathetic.

Sleeping with a Latina, however, will change your life. The passion we exhibit is real, raw and authentic.

We live to please you between the sheets and have an insatiable desire to be dominated.

It may take practice though, learning to balance the delicate blend of the rough but romantic sex we crave is important.

Making love to a Latina is like nothing else you will experience with any other woman. Especially when we call you “papi”…this alone is enough to make you melt.

2. Latinas are fiercely loyal.

So long as you’re maintaining frame and dominance in a relationship any girl will stand by your side. Latina’s on the other hand, take it to a whole other level. We’re not just loyal to you – we will ride or die for you.

If you’re in a verbal or physical confrontation, we got your back and will loudly convey this to your assailant.

We will also dutifully assist you, often unsolicited, with whatever it is you’re doing – legal or otherwise.

We understand that you are the leader and that we are your first mate and will jump into that role without reservation or hesitation. The allegiance of a Latina is unparalleled.

The men I interviewed stated that they had other girls assume that role here and there but that it’s rare on account of their outright selfishness.

But us Latinas take to it with a fervor and enthusiasm the others don’t match, and they do it at a much higher clip.

But… if you leave us out of something you’re doing we often take it personal and start to question your trust in us as your woman.

But at the end of they day it’s nice to know you have a woman who will ride for you no matter what the circumstances and that more than makes up for the minor inconveniences.

1. They will quickly tighten your game.

Put simply, Latinas will make a man out of you.

I mentioned earlier that it can be very difficult to bend us chicas to your will. But after some experience with us you’ll find that your game improves and at a much faster pace than with other girls.

The reason for this is that our firecracker personalities combined with our low tolerance for beta BS forces men to adapt if they want to be successful with us.

If you put in the work necessary and baptize yourself by fire by approaching, failing and interacting with us on the regular, you will quickly discover that the benefits are well worth the effort.