7 Snapchat Horror Stories

I have always wondered what other girls and guys were receiving in their snapchat history, especially given the promise that the photo will “disappear” within an allotted amount of time. 

(Now known to be untrue due to Snapchat’s history of keeping photos, etc.) 

But, I find that it leads to many trust issues within relationships because you can’t look back on the history of snapchat pictures, to check to see if your significant other is being faithful.

It was after my first received ball pic (a dick pic trying to be discreet, I think… but really who knows?) that I began to wonder how many guys send dick pics over snapchat. 

And, really, do girls enjoy them? It was time to investigate the truth…

What are the worst snapchat stories ever received?

I have thus pieced together a few of the worst snapchat stories I have heard from my friends and acquaintances, because they are simply down right funny.  

I sincerely hope you enjoy and think twice before sending an inappropriate or unwarranted snap to someone.

  • “I got like 4 random dick pics and when I didn’t answer I got called a hoe. LOL”
  • “Well, I had woken up in the middle of the night and looked at my phone for the first time and saw I had a snap from someone who doesn’t normally snap me. So, here I am, half asleep at 3am and I open the snap… not sure what to expect.

    It’s a dick pic with a caption, “So horny,” then a snap stating they sent it to the wrong person… and then another snap asking what I thought about it.”

  • “I almost put a nude I was sending to my boyfriend on my story. That’s the worst but thank god it didn’t happen!”
  • “My boyfriend’s best friend accidentally sent me his snaps that were meant for his girlfriend.”
  • “Accidentally sent snaps meant for my boyfriend to my mom… There was no trying to get out of that one.”
  • “My boyfriend sent me a snap intended for his side hoe after I left the house… it read, ‘Finally home alone, you like?’ Bet you can’t guess what the snap was.”
  • “I accidentally sent a screenshot of my conversation with the girl I was fighting with to her on snapchat saying, ‘isn’t she being such a b****?’ … needless to say, that friendship pretty much ended.”

So, what I have gathered from this information is that, we really ought to be careful what we are sending and to whom. 

If you’re keen on sending photos of yourself, be careful. Once it’s out there, it doesn’t go away. And hopefully what you send doesn’t end friendships.

Happy snapchatting!!

P.S. As a side note to men, dick pics are really not cool. Most women can do without them… especially if you’re really pushy on showing it off. 

Keep it in your pants, we like imagining what you have more. Thanks in advance.