7 Things to Know about the Girl who Writes

“I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn.??? 

? Anne Frank

We all feel emotion, whether we want to or not. We all know pain, joy, anger, and peace. 

We all feel.

But there are only a few of us who write. And not just aimlessly write, but write with purpose. When we write, we clear our brains of the gunk within them. A type of pressure is released.

When our pen hits the paper, what is produced is true, real, and honest. And because of that, the one holding the pen will also contain those qualities.

When you get to know a writer, you can be confident that even though they may withhold emotions, they still feel. 

Here’s what you should know about a writer, amateur or professional:

1. We love to read, a lot. We read because how else can you learn to write, or at least what good writing is? 

We read all different genres of literature, and even though we may not always have time to sit down and read a whole book in one sitting, we try to take that time for us.

2. We know our emotions. We know how we feel. We really do. What is hard for us is, in conversation with others, expressing what is going through our head. 

We write to have a conversation with ourselves. We write to understand how we feel and we write with the understanding that others will read our words some day.

3. We can be extremely guarded. It isn’t that we don’t trust you. We are just afraid we will say the wrong things, or be too honest, or share too much. 

We feel what we feel, and sharing vocally is not a strong set.

4. We probably think too much. You see, pencils have erasers, but people’s ears don’t. We think about every word that hits the page, we debate whether we should keep the idea or trash it. We are afraid to be overly expressive and we overthink most situations. 

5. We may be creative, but we love structure. Creativity drives our writing, but structure keeps it contained, connected and understandable. 

This is how most of our lives are. We may look like an organized, Type A person, but on the inside, we are filled to the brim with emotion and creativity. 

Structure drives our outward lives, but within the pages of our journal, we let our thoughts run free.

6. We are sometimes afraid of our thoughts. When we let our thoughts drip from the pen onto the page, we have no idea what to expect. And that is what gives us angst. 

Where will our mind go today? Will we think upon happy or sad thoughts? Will our thoughts drive us to debate our future? Sometimes our thoughts simply cause us anxiety.

7. We fall in love, but sometimes too easily. Since we read, we know how authors feel about love, and how they express true love through words. We will inevitably search for that type of love, but we must learn some love wasn’t meant to last. 

We will read more about love’s permanence rather than its impermanence, so we will probably write about what type of love we want to receive. 

Writing may take up all of our day, or we may just write as a pastime. But either way, writing is our way of finding ourselves. 

Just know that when it comes to getting between us and our writing, we will be blunt with you. Writing is how we find courage, in the words of Anne Frank, so if you mess that up for us, you will be informed:)

But if your’e lucky, we will write about you.