7 Things You Forgot To Remind Yourself This Morning

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Positivity is the fruit of life, so eat that shit up. When you put good in, good comes out. Always remind yourself…

1.) "Life is what I make it. Today, I choose to look at life for what it truly is, a precious gift."

Life is not what your boyfriend, friends, boss, or family makes it, it's up to you.

No matter what happens today, or any day, no situation will define you.

You can waste your time being miserable, or you can choose to be happy. Both require the same amount of effort.

Choose happiness.

2.) "I am blessed."

You have some really kick-ass accomplishments.

You have people who love you.

Learn to appreciate what you have because many of those things that you take for granted are things that others would give their left arm to have.

You are luckier than you think.

3.) Those jeans look good on you, girl!

Heyyyyyyy 😉

"Ooh, I think my butt's gettin' big." (Say that one in your best Nelly voice).

4.) "I am willing to accept all of the things that I cannot change."

Sometimes life hands you lemons.

Sometimes you're able to make lemonade, sometimes you're not.

It is what it is. Change what you can, and learn to accept or let go of anything that you can't.

5.) "I am enough."

Flaws and all, you are wonderful.

All of those beautiful imperfections make you who you are.

Embrace them, learn to love them.

& I promise you that the people who are meant to be in your life will love them, too.

And everyone else? Well, to put it lightly, fuck them. 

6.) "I'm going to be just fine."

You are fiercely strong. I mean, look at everything you've already been through.

You made it this far.

That same exact strength that has brought you to this point is going to carry you the rest of the way.


7.) "Today will be a great day."

With each new day comes new challenges, new dilemmas, new opportunities.

Every situation has a positive side. Go out of your way to find it. Remind yourself of it every chance that you get.

If you believe you will have a great day, you will.

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