7 Things You Know To Be True As A Coffee Lover

Mocha, latte, macchiato, or good old drip coffee. Iced, hot, lukewarm, it doesn’t matter because it will be gone in minutes. Being a coffee lover isn’t a habit but more of a lifestyle. These are the seven struggles for anyone with a coffee addiction:

1: Coffee is your  first thought when you wake up in the morning 

This is what makes it possible to drag yourself out of your warm bed at an unmentionable hour.

2: You’ve been known  to over caffeinate yourself on occasion 

And by on occasion, you mean all the time. You know you shouldn’t have that 4th cup but can’t resist causing your heart rate to increase but your exhaustion remains the same.

3: You have an  overstock of coffee at home 

Because God-forbid you ever run out.

4: Your collection of  mugs and to-go cups is impressive 

Because there are never enough. You can’t resist buying a mug on every trip you’ve been on, including the average trip to the grocery store.

5: The local coffee  shop knows you from your frequent, sometimes daily, visits 

First they learn your name and then before you know it they have your order waiting for you when you arrive. It’s flattering but slightly embarrassing.

6: People can tell  when you haven’t had your coffee yet 

You really shouldn’t be held responsible for anything you say or do before your cup of coffee.

7: Drinking coffee at  night has no effect on you anymore

The thought of having coffee past 3pm to anyone else would cause a restless night. However, for you, this is a relaxing way to end your day.

Coffee is and always will be your favorite thing about your day. It gets you through work and helps you be the cheerful person that you are (on most days). It never lets you down and will forever be your number 1. So raise your mugs in all shapes and sizes and embrace your love of coffee!