8 Reasons Why Having Big Boobs Can Actually Be A Problem

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Many ladies consider having big boobs a blessing. If you have large breasts, you will feel like you are “blessed” and feel well-endowed. But remember it is a kind of a roller coaster ride of having both good and bad times with this characteristic. 

Here we discuss a few reasons and things that show why having bigger sized breasts is not always glamorous or sexy. 

1. Back/ Spinal Issues

Carrying around a pair of large sized boobs on your upper body can cause some real problems such as severe back or spinal pain. Those extra pounds of fat and tissue opposite your back can cause pain, pressure, and overall discomfort. 

If you are feeling constant pain around your back, shoulders, or neck, you should never overlook it. Your big breasts could be a contributing factor in it.  To manage this pain, you can opt for breast reduction surgery. 

Sometimes, physiotherapy, massaging your back and shoulders, and stretching and using exercise balls too can help ease the back pain and manage posture.

2. Can’t Sleep Comfortably

If you have big boobs, it will make it too hard for you to sleep especially if you want to sleep on your stomach or your side. Of course, sleeping on your stomach seems to be the most comfortable sleeping position. However, unfortunately, it is not for you. 

If you try to sleep that way, you will feel like you are going to burst from the inside out. There are similar challenges to sleeping on the side. You feel like the mounds of skin, tissue, and fat deposits are going to be painfully mashed together. It can also create a waterfall of boob sweat. When everyone wakes up with a cup of coffee, you wake up with back pain. To put it succinctly, big boobs make sleeping less enjoyable for you. 

3. Working Out Can Feel Like Torture

After securing your boobs down with sports bra, it can still come in the way of your gym workouts. 

You have a constant threat of running poses. Nobody can run comfortably with two melons strapped to their chests. Do you agree? 

Every day exercise will be impossible for you such as push-ups. This is because there will be so much space between the breasts and the floor during a push-up which will make the exercise strenuous. 

4. Some Styles Will Look Horrible On You

When you have big boobs, so many clothing styles and attires are simply not an option for you. You cannot wear anything that you love to wear. For example, if you want to wear a backless dress, you will feel like it is telling you “do not make us laugh”. 

Similarly, the entire lacy Victoria Secret’s collection bra is out of your reach, due to the breast size. Whether you like it or not, you have to wear a giant grandma support bra with 2-inch-wide straps. 

If you try to wear a low-cut top, it will give you crazy amounts of cleavage and gives off the impression you are trying hard to fit in the outfit, when in reality, it is not the truth.

5. You Will Get Way Too Much Unwanted Attention

Being a well-endowed female comes with the added pleasure of getting too much attention that you seriously do not want to indulge in. Sometimes having bigger curves make you prone to catcalling. 

You get excess attention and sometimes verbal or gesture harassment. This can be a major turn-off of having larger sized breasts. 

6. Breast-Feeding Is Almost Impossible

Having big breasts can create a difficulty for you while breastfeeding your child. You will not be able to easily figure out where exactly your nipple is located and where the baby’s mouth. 

It can really give you tons of stress and struggle in ensuring that your baby has latched on to your boobs appropriately. Your big boobs might end up suffocating your baby by covering his/her entire face or nose. 

Your baby might end up drinking a lot of milk that ultimately results in other problems. 

7. Rashes and Infections Under the Breasts

Your big boobs can make the skin to fold or rub on itself. That results in red marks, rashes, or infections around the area. It because while bathing you face difficulty to access the area. 

Therefore, it might happen that you cannot clean the area properly. If this is the case, you can opt for breast reduction or uplifting surgery.

8. Health Problems

Larger breasts = an increased risk of cancer. If you have huge boobs then it is harder to do mammograms and they hurt more too. That means more radiation and an increased risk of cancer. 

Larger breasts have been linked to causing migraines, shortness of breath, numbness, and persistent pain in certain women. 

If you have big natural breasts then don’t ignore any one of these symptoms or a combination of them. It is highly recommended that you should consult a doctor.

If you are a part of the big boobs club, then you can easily resonate with the health concerns or issues discussed above. It can be the reason for many health problems. 

Therefore, if you want to get rid of them you can take the help of physiotherapy, breast reduction or uplift surgery, or can simply lose some extra pounds. You should take it seriously and learn how to work these twins to your advantage. 

Don’t let big boobs be paradoxically a huge pain in the ass, and take the apt corrective measures today itself!

Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash

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