8 Things To Know Before Dating The Virgo Female

Instead of inserting a cheesy intro line to try and pull you in, I’m just going to jump straight to the point and cut out all the bullshit…because that’s what us Virgo’s do best. 

Welcome to the land of no BS and straightforward answers. 

1. We’re Brutally Honest.
Sugarcoating? What’s that? You want real and that’s exactly what we’re going to give you. We get straight to the point and we take zero alternate routes getting there. We’re not rude, we’re honest. 

2. We Don’t Take Shit From Anyone. Period.
Saying that we can smell bullshit from a mile away is basically the quote that describes us in a nutshell on the daily. We can take quite a bit, and in the meantime we’ll keep our mouth shut or put you in your place (there is no in between), but when we have enough you’ll sure know about it. No holding back here…you’ve been warned.

3. We’re Highly Opinionated.
If we don’t like something – we’ll inform you. If we love something – yep you’ll know about that too. Voicing our opinions is what we do and we’re not ashamed of it. 

Don’t worry, if we don’t like you we’ll tell you. No time to be fake, bay bay. 

4. We Notice Everything. 
Literally, we don’t miss a single second of anything. We may act like we don’t notice something, but that’s because we’re either giving you a chance to redo what just happened, choosing not to embarrass you, or just waiting until the time is right and saving it for a better time to bring up. We’re the kings and queens of observation. 

5. We’re very VERY picky.
We’re not high maintenance (okay maybe every so often) but there’s a huge difference in being high maintenance and simply just being picky. 

We care about what we eat, what we wear and who we date. We don’t have a large menu of items that we do eat, our outfits have to be cute af even when we’re just bumming it, and we have high standards when it comes to potential love contenders. 

6. We’re Stubborn.
Sometimes we literally have to have things forced out of us because we are those people that keep things hidden inside until we explode. 

We won’t do anything until we’re ready and attempting to make us will only prolong our stubbornness. We can be a little hard to handle and not everyone can put up with us or even understand us. 

7. We Overanalyze, Overthink and Stress Ourselves Out.
We have a tendency to take in every single word and analyze each and every syllable until we basically create scenarios that aren’t or weren’t even there in the first place. 

Stressing ourselves out is our major and scenario creation is a minor we just happen to pick up along the way. 

8. We’re Hard To Love But We Love Hard. 
Loving us is far from easy (so sorry) but one of the best qualities of us virgo’s is how hard and how deeply we love. 

If we care about you, we care with every bone in our body and love with every beat of our beating heart. There is no one else who will be 100% real with you, love you unconditionally, and never let you down.