9 Reasons To Wife Up The Fun Loving Girl

There’s a whole lot of negative stigmas attached to being the party girl. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to have fun every day. 

In fact that’s probably the best girl to settle down with for these reasons:

1. She’s most likely secure in who she is. She isn’t guessing where she’s meant to be in life right now, she found her place.

2. She can make anything a good time. With or without alcohol.

3. There are no dull moments with the party girl. She’s a walking good time.

4. Going to clubs and bars isn’t the only thing going she does. She attends all the events in your city. She always knows what’s going down at any point in time. 

5. If and when you do start going out with her, don’t worry about a hangover the next day. She knows different remedies for it.

6. She’s also gonna save you some money. I know it seems crazy. But she knows what bars are having great deals each night. She also knows where to get good, cheap late night  food

7. Contrary to popular belief, she’s not putting out for everybody. Once she has someone, that’s it. She’ll rarely go out without you.

8. You’ve never had such an exciting night in than when you date this girl. She know how to make even the most boring concepts exciting and adventurous.

9. Your life will be so much brighter with her around. She’s such an optomist, it’ll start to rub off on you.

Yeah, this girl gets a bad rep, but she’s nothing like you thought she would be. She’s loving, funny, and a so much fun to be around.

You’ll never regret dating the life of the party.

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