A Letter To My Mom Who Is Also My Best Friend

Thank you for raising me with laughter and love, and for creating such a beautiful home for Dad and me, wherever we went. Thanks for always listening to me.  

I can talk to you about literally anything and never have to worry about what you might say, because I know that we share the same mind, the same thought process.  

Thanks for laughing with me all the time.  Nobody else understands why we laugh at the stupid things we do, but we just go with it.

We're the ones who will randomly start laughing in church, at a funeral, or some other serious or inappropriate location, over something that happened last week, or yesterday, or earlier that same day, or at something that no one else in the world could ever find funny, but for some reason it amused us.  

We embarrass ourselves as we fall all over each other, shaking with silent laughter, unable to breathe, at the worst time, but we just don't care because we're in a world that only the two of us can see. 

Thanks for always protecting me so fiercely.  I can't count the number of times you've said, "I'll beat his/her ass," after finding out that someone hurt me or tried to hurt me.  

Thank you for giving me your grace and style.  Thanks for letting me play with your makeup and try on your stilettos when I played dress-up as a little girl.  You shaped my taste in clothes and taught me how to be elegant and classy.  

Thanks for taking care of me and not getting mad when I was so drunk that I was falling on the floor.  Thanks for getting me a bunch of McDonald's for breakfast the next morning and teaching me how to cure a hangover (greasy food. Lots of greasy food).  

Thanks for being known as the "cool mom" to my friends. 

Most people can tell horror stories about a time when their mom embarrassed them as a teen; never once did you ever embarrass me.  

Not many people can say that their mom is also their best friend.  I'm one of the very lucky few who can.  

I love you, Mom.