A Thank You to the Guy Who Showed Me How Beautiful Love Can Be

Meeting you changed everything for me.

I was never a fan of the girls who spent every living second with their boyfriends. I didn’t understand how someone could make one person their absolute everything. 

I was always so annoyed when they posted pictures together every ten minutes. “We get it, you guys are in love and happy. Cool, now please just shut up.”

But as soon as I met you, I became “that girl.” 

I felt like a whole new person. I wanted nothing more than to spend all my time with you.

Our relationship taught me how to genuinely love. It showed me that it’s possible (and important) to find someone you can spend every waking second with and never get tired of.

I was finally able to see the type of person I wanted to be with: you. You have everything I need.

I can say with certainty that our love is one of a kind. I’ve never felt these emotions or butterflies with anyone else, nor do I want to.

I was waiting for the right guy, one who wasn’t trying to change me. I wanted to be loved completely for who I am. 

And I found that. You accept everything about me, all of my little quirks and even my imperfections. 

You accept me not only at my absolute best but when I’m at my worst. I’m by no means perfect but yet you treat me like I am.

You are the smartest, sexiest, strongest guy I know. You have every quality a girl could want and you’re all mine.

I will forever question how I got lucky enough to catch you. And I assure you, I’m never going to let you go.

You are one of a kind, an all around amazing and extraordinary man. I can’t wait to grow up and grow old with you. 

I promise to always be there for you when life isn’t the nicest, to hold your hand while we’re in public, and to always be your biggest cheerleader.

You are worth holding on to and that’s what I’ll do, keep you forever and ever. I will hold your heart tightly and take good care of it.