Add These 55 Things to Your Bucket List Right Now

“The Yearly Bucket List Oath: I solemnly swear to create memoriesthat last a lifetime. I vow to make an impression on the world, not the couch.I promise to dream about unrealistic goals. And make them my reality.??? -Unknown

1.      Swim under the stars

2.      Volunteer at an orphanage overseas

3.      Ride a horse on the beach

4.      Go snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef

5.      Go on a safari

6.      Take a ride in a water taxi in Venice, Italy

7.      Dance under the Eiffel Tower

8.      Send a message in a bottle

9.      Give a homeless person a Christmas present

10.  Jump off a waterfall

11.  Make a wish at the Trevi Fountain in Rome

12.  Spend a day in a field of sunflowers

13.  Visit the original Starbucks in Seattle

14.  Go parasailing in Mexico

15.  Visit the Dole pineapple plant in Hawaii

16.  Learn self-defense

17.  Visit the house from UP in real life

18.  Learn to ride a motorcycle

19.  Live to see cancer cured

20.  Take a trolley ride in San Francisco

21.  Send a letter to a random address and see if they write back

22.  Watch a meteor shower

23.  Go skydiving

24.  Learn to play the ukulele

25.  Have a bonfire and camp on the beach

26.  Read all of the books on the Gilmore Girls Rory reading challenge list

27.  Volunteer at the children’s hospital

28.  Give out at least 100 “blessing bags??? to homeless people

29.  Visit Germany during Christmas time

30.  Eat pizza in Italy and lots of it

31.  Attend a fiesta in Mexico

32.  Ride bikes through Millennium Park in Chicago

33.  Spend a day in Central Park

34.  Kiss the Blarney Stone in Ireland

35.  Go into an airport and buy a ticket for a random flight

36.  See the Northern Lights

37.  Spend a night in a tree house

38.  Go bungee jumping

39.  Go to Tomorrowland

40.  Explore Scotland

41.  Go to Barcelona

42.  Go on a mission trip in all seven continents

43.  Study abroad

44.  Watch baby sea turtles hatch

45.  Go indoor skydiving

46.  Volunteer with the Red Cross

47.  Celebrate Mardi Gras in New Orleans

48.  Climb on the roof and star gaze

49.  Become fluent in Sign Language

50.  Yell at the top of a mountain

51.  Learn how to surf

52.  Go to the festival of lights in Thailand

53.  Ride a mechanical bull

54.  Learn how to long board

55.  Learn to stop being so scared and start living