Adventures with Your Boo: Passports, Stamps, and Love That's True

I am sure we have all had that ideal romantic fantasy drift through our dreamy minds.

You’re each sitting on a beach having a decadent dinner with the perfect matching glass of wine. The most stunning sunset is illuminating your entire surroundings. There is nothing but your shared laughs filling the air establishing your close connection while your toes play with each other in the warm sand. And you each have this moment where you realize there’s nowhere else you’d rather be than with each other, right then and there.  

You’ve earned this moment. And here is why:

You’ve learned to make compromises: You wanted Italy. He wanted Thailand. You each found Belize. You wanted a 5-star hotel. He wanted a hostel. You found a nice private bungalow at a fair price just for yourselves.

Every step of your vacation involves making decisions that please you both. And for the sake of making each other happy, you’re going to have to make compromises.  This is no-doubt a building block to any successful relationship.

You’ve overcome the awkward “who pays what” scenario: We have all been on that first date where you don’t know if he is paying. Of course, the bill comes and you reach for your wallet just to have him reassure you he’s happy to take care of you.

Well, magnify that scenario times 1,000. You’re going to have countless costs to figure out. From flights, accommodations, day adventures to breakfast, lunch, and dinner; you’re going to need to have the conversation of what you each want to cover. Because God knows making these assumptions will prematurely spoil the trip.

You’ve learned to share each other: Of course, getting to go away and have that privacy with just each other is pure gold. That alone time is so special and valuable for you two to grow even closer in your relationship. You want your partner all to yourself. But, you’re going to have moments where you have to be willing to share your time.

Maybe you’re sitting at the bar and your man decides to chat it up with the dude sitting next to him for a good minute. Next thing you know, you’re invited to play a game of pool when all you wanted to do was continue on with your personal conversation.

Well suck it up buttercup, that’s the name of the game. You socialize. You make friends. And you share your spouse. It doesn’t have to be a large part of your vacation. Even if it’s just an hour, it’s healthy to share your time with others as a couple. Trust me.

You’ll come home as a stronger couple, with memories you’ll reflect on even as the years pass: Your trip with no doubt fly by. How the hell did 7 days already pass? You’ll soon enough be back at home in bed with each other cuddling and getting ready to get back in the gist of normal life.

Months will pass and even in the most random of moments, a memory will flood through your mind and you’ll have to ask him “remember when”. You’ll share a good laugh and have an “aww” moment that’ll bring you even closer together.

You’ll be hanging with his group of friends hearing him tell them how great of a time you two had and somehow it’ll make you feel even more established in his life like you belong in it. Because you do.

The best part is, eventually, the pictures clogging the memory on your cell will soon have to be saved elsewhere to create space for your next trip that’ll be here in no time.