23 Words Everyone Really Needs To Stop Saying In 2019

Language is not set in stone; it’s continuously changing and evolving. It’s marvelous how new words come into existence and old words take on new meanings. And we’re all for it! But there are some words that just get used way too much. It’s like overexposure with celerities—someone skyrockets to fame and is seen everywhere, constantly, until the previously adoring public gets sick of them.

These words have weaseled their way into our daily lexicon and refuse to go away. They have become household words used by your mom, and they are just no longer cool. They’ve overstayed their 15 minutes of fame and they need to pack up their little bindles and be on their way. Sorry, words.

1. Lit

Lit used to mean kinda drunk, but then it morphed into meaning anything that’s wild fun, like parties. As of 2019, let’s try to come up with new ways to describe our parties because lit is played out.

2. Bae

Bae is technically short for “babe.” What’s with all the shortening of words? Are we really that busy?

3. Feels

As in, having “feels” or worse, having “all the feels.” It’s okay, people, we can throw that “ing” back into the word, we’re not saving all that much time by cutting it out.


GOAT is an acronym for Greatest Of All Time. But truly, how many things can be the greatest? Not many, that’s how many. This expression is way too overused.

5. This

The word “this” is, of course, a completely necessary word, a definite article used often, with no problems. You want “this” outfit, you don’t want “this” hamburger that’s been sitting on the floor for 10 minutes. Fine. But over the last few years, “this,” preceding a link or a tweet and posted on social media, has become a way for people to express that they endorse or second something. And it also very annoying, mainly just to how overused and lazy it is.

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6. Yasss Kween

No, Kween. NO. Bad! Stop saying that. TV, tweets, Facebook, memes, everybody just stop saying it.

7. Yoked

Yoked is used for someone who’s super muscular and beefy. It comes from the yoke that’s put around the next of oxen when they’re pulling something. Unless you are talking about one of those Budweiser horses, though, let’s just go back to saying “cut” or “fit” or just anything that is not “yoked.”

8. Same

It was cute for a while, but now it’s got to go. We were doing just fine with “same here” or “me too” or even “ditto” like in the movie Ghost.

9. Shook

Shook used to mean really shook up, but now, thanks to internet usage, it barely means anything anymore. People are “shook” by just about anything, good or bad. That’s when you know a word has to go.

10. Big d*ck energy

This was a fun lil’ moment in time when the world became, thanks to Ariana Grande, cognizant of the size of comedian Pete Davidson’s, um, member. For a little while, everything was “big d*ck energy,” but now that phrase is tired and has used up all its energy. Thank u, next.