Being a Young Mom Didn’t Ruin My Life, It Gave Me a New One

Becoming a mother at a young age is scary.

It also doesn’t help that people can be so damn judgy about it.

“Babies shouldn’t have babies,” that’s my favorite. *eyeroll*

People act like not having a child is an accomplishment, something to be proud of. 

But in reality, they have no idea what they’re missing out on.

You will never understand how amazing being a mother is until you become one.

The feeling that you get when you see your child for the first time, or when you look into your child’s eyes, is indescribable.

It is a whole new kind of love, one so magical that you never even knew existed.

Everything bad that’s ever happened to you will suddenly disappear when you look into your child’s eyes.

Becoming a mother gave my life meaning.

My baby is who I live for.

My child pushes me to be better, stronger, and accomplish all of my goals.

When I feel like a failure, my child is proof that I have done something right in this world.

When I feel broken, my baby reminds me just how important I really am. 

It is my child that puts me back together, without having to say one word.

My baby depends on me, needs me, and loves me.

My baby loves me with no conditions, no stipulations, no doubts.

No matter what I do wrong, I am a hero in my child’s eyes.

Being a mother is the scariest, most frustrating and emotional job on the planet.

But it is beyond the shadow of a doubt, the most rewarding.

I have no problem trading drinks and partying for fruit snacks and cuddles.

I have no problem letting go of the “friends” that disappeared once I became a mother, because my child is my very best friend.

If I were ever given a choice between my child and anything else in this world, I would choose my baby.

Every. Single. Day.

Becoming a mother is nothing short of a blessing.

It is the most precious gift that anyone could ever receive.

My new life is not just satisfying, it is amazing. 

I have gotten many nicknames over the years, but my favorite, by far, is “mommy.”