Better Things Than 'Looping A Song Over And Over'!

Remember when you keep looping the same song over and over again?

Not because it is new but it happened when you are currently down and somehow the song really make you feel 'really into it' with your current mood. This is a habit  that I had. I'm sad and I've been repeating this one particular song over and over again. Just in case you were wondering the song is Arash – Broken Angel. 

Honestly, it made me feel much more worse and I cooped up with my negative feeling. There are actually other things I can do and gain more positive  energy!

1. Participate yourself in active activities!

As long as it requires physical actions it works! You just need to let yourself distracted and focused on the thing that you are currently doing. I don't  suggest cooking or baking though. Remember, physical activities! Take a walk outside or wash your car might do the work.

2. Netflix and 'bye-bye reality'!

If you hate physical activities don't worry! We have plenty of video streaming  platform available. Netflix is  just one of them. You know what gonna distract you the most? Letting yourself slip into the other world doesn't sound bad. However, you might grow an addiction like how I got hooked up watching Orange Is The New Black and cry on the last season ending.

3. Food for thoughts!

While you were enjoying  your movies or TV series, why not you eat the food that you really like? I enjoy eating cakes. Whenever I'm eating them, I feel totally relax and calm. Not to mention the feeling of satisfaction too. So, do eat the things that you really enjoy because it helps!

4. Grab your friends!

Now is the time to call for your best friends and ask them if they are free to go out with you. Whenever you feel sad or down there is this 'thing' you held inside you. Have a lunch with your friend or go out and spend time with them. Express how you feel  and surely a good friend will know how to comfort you. And please, do the same  when they need  you.

5. Be expressive!

What other way to channel your sadness and despair other expressing them out! Some people like to write or draw. Grab your pen and write them down. Grab your water color and draw them on your drawing block. Just remember not to destroy any public or private property that might add more troubles than what you already have.

There is nothing wrong in being sad and down but  you need to love yourself more. Appreciate yourself more by not stressing yourself and be strong to walk yourself out. 

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