Concert Junkie: 10 Stages of Buying the Ticket

It all starts when the band you’ve been dying to see makes the announcement: ON TOUR. 

You immediately check everywhere for a sale date and start asking yourself the questions.

Where will they be? How much are tickets? And tell yourself that if you skip the takeout for the next few weeks you’ll be able to afford tickets. And that you must make sure you get that night off from work.  

YOU. MUST. Be There!

But getting there isn’t always the easiest of journeys. There are a lot of emotions that go along in getting to that magnificent night. 

1. The extreme thrill (or incredible disappointment) when you find out that a band is playing (or not playing) in your area. 

2. You argue with yourself about whether you can do without milk or bread, or tacos in order to afford tickets. 

3. You justify your YES with the argument that they won’t be back your way for a while, so just go for it. 

4. Even if they aren’t coming to your exact area, you calculate the drive and gas, merch. And your sister lives over that way, so you could totally crash on her couch if you don’t want to drive back late.

5. Then the day finally arrives. You get to the venue a few hours in advance because you have to make sure you get a good spot. 

6. You’re looking awesome in the outfit you’ve been planning for weeks ahead of time. 

7. Doors open. You hand over your ticket. There’s a buzz in the air, excitement, and adrenaline.

8. The lights go down, the music starts and everyone in the crowd becomes one. We’re a family, all here for the same reason. 

9. You dance like there’s no tomorrow, singing every song. By the end of the night, you feel more alive than you have in a while. 

10. You know you’ll be completely broke tomorrow, but TOTALLY WORTH IT.