Fight For The Fairy Tale, It Does Exist

Us girls grew up watching the most amazing movies about how one princess finds her prince and they ride off into the sunset happily ever after. But lets be honest here, that’s not real life.

Real life isn’t all roses, peaches, and whipped cream (no matter how good that sounds right now).

Just like any good movie or story we have seen, it has to have some type of conflict or moral dilemma to be interesting so that we keep watching. And that’s exactly what real life is like, too. 

Real life fairy tales will be filled with those things we have yearned for. But they will also be filled with reality.

In order for us girls to find our one true love and live this magical fairy tale we all yearn for, we have to accept the truth.

The simple truth is that your Prince Charming’s out there somewhere, yet he won’t be riding a white horse… he might actually be driving an old beat up car.

Your Prince may have an apartment, or his first home. It’s not going to be this huge beautiful castle on the hill.

Unfortunately there will be bills to pay and I’m sorry hunny, but Charming most likely won’t have a big pot of gold to dig into when it comes time to pay them. 

There will be tons of things that will be different than those Disney stories we have watched over and over. But it can still be your type of perfect.

One of the most important parts of finding that real life fairy tale is that you have to pick the right type of guy. You have to find someone who will make a good husband, not just some guy who is pretending to live up to Prince Charming.

And don’t settle. You are amazing, and beautiful and you deserve this real life fairy tale.