For When You Need Some Direction On Self-Care

There are approximately a zillion self-help books out there, and honestly most of them are a great read with so much information. They can help you learn things about love, life, yoga, family, meditation, anything you could ever desire that you would believe to be the thing that will help you change your life for the better.

But seriously,


When you start to obsess about things like that and spending all of your time (and money) doing the research you are just continuing to lose yourself more and more. Those books, videos, articles, and movies are all telling you the same thing just in some zillion different ways.

(This is so contradicting.)

(The fact that this piece is even being written.)

You need to love yourself COMPLETELY before you can do anything for anyone else in or out of your life. You need to know that you are the most important person in the world, because if you can’t care for yourself like that, then there is no way you will ever be able to really care for another person.

But you aren’t here to listen to someone tell you to stop reading,

and reading

and reading

and reading about this.

So, what I really want to tell you is this,

You’re absolutely broken and shattered. Your soul is crushed and you just can’t handle it anymore. You feel as though you have tried everything, but nothing is working anymore. It is time to give up, isn’t it? It is time to just be done with anything and everything you can just give up on, isn’t it?

I PROMISE that you are not the only one who has felt like this. I PROMISE you that things will change, because nothing stays the same. Nothing is permanent. No emotion, no situation, no feeling, and no moment. Things will change.

I won’t tell you that things will get better permanently, because even if they do things still change and you will feel pain again. Every person feels every little thing differently, and every person looks at their own achievements differently. Something huge to one person could be tiny to another.

Don’t worry too much about the future, because that will almost always be out of your control. However, don’t fret if you feel out of control when it comes to doing things for right now. Even those things can ENTIRLEY be out of your control.

Now, go take some deep breaths, do something that YOU love, and be the happiest person that you could ever be. That my dear, is what really matters.